Why June 29 is special to me

This may start of somber but I promise you that it will be good by the end 😉

My mom passed suddenly back in September of 2008. I am an only child, and so it was quite a gut-punch to lose the one parent that I had an actively and growing relationship with. It has taken me a process to deal with her absence here on earth.

So…God put in my heart that my memory of her life should not be about the circumstances of her death (she was way too vibrant a woman for that). Rather it should be about her life, even more so about the day she hit the planet.

Her birthday is June 29, and so that following year, my family and I made a commitment to celebrate what we call  “Family Fun Day” in honor of her life. We have to do something fun together: go to the movies, play games, watch a fun TV show together, go out to eat…you get the idea.

Thus far, it has been a great day and great way to remember her big smile and big laugh. It really is a special way to recapture her zest for life. Furthermore, this year, God has given us a Family Fun Day that tops them all. In fact we didn’t even realize we were going to get to do this special trip together on this day until the night before. Want to know what we get to do?

Stay tuned for the next post to find out…you will enjoy it with us!


4 Replies to “Why June 29 is special to me”

  1. and I can picture her smiling and laughing….saying go on baby and enjoy this day……”have fun”…..Love you, Dee….enjoy FAMILY FUN DAY and have a hearty gut laugh or five!!!

    1. Yes indeed! thanks so much Renee 🙂

  2. I think celebrating the birthday of a departed loved one is much more fun, Please share all the things you have done and plan to do for Family Fun Day to give others some ideas. My sister wants to cruise to Alaska to celebrate our mother’s birthday. She is trying to convince her children to join her to see God’s handiwork. It is a beautiful place. Paris, really was even more special and do you wonder if your mom might have come to join you there? I try to make every day special, because they are and so are you. Love You

    1. Yes indeed! I have the best mother-in-law 🙂

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