We are not robots

Sometimes we don’t realize just how complex a being each of us are. God made us multifaceted and multilayered. We are not one-dimensional, especially when it comes to our emotions, and too often we don’t give ourselves ( or others) a wide enough berth to process through those emotions.

Recently, I was in the midst of preparing for a huge family experience that had been 1 1/2 years in the making. In that same moment, I was in the throes of wrapping up grades for the home school year for my ninth grader. Now, I have done closing grades for many years, so I am familiar with the mental gyrations of ending the year, posting grades, and banding up the work to put it away and prepare a new slate for the coming year. Yes, it can be a bit draining after all is said and done, but it hit me differently this time.

I wasn’t quite prepared for the collision of two sets of emotions: the excitement (and accelerated pace) leading up to the big event met the reflectiveness and slight introspection of the past school year. By the time I finished the grades, I just needed to leave the house and have a few quiet moments to myself.  And in that time, two things hit me:

1. I really needed to take time and process what I had just done and the emotions tied to it. It has been a challenging school year, and as I home educating mom, I often fight the battle of “am I failing my child? Am I giving her/him enough to succeed?”

2. We as people need to acknowledge that we are complex and everything is not cut and dry, black and white, able to put in a box. God made us way more than flat creatures, and things can be messy, spill over into other areas of our lives. My event and my job collided, and I felt the collision of worlds in my heart, my spirit. It didn’t knock me down this time, but sometimes it does. That is why we need to be sensitive to ourselves and to others when life ruffs us up a bit.

What can you do when these moment happen? I don’t have a blanket answer, but I can share what I do. I get a little quiet, and step back for a moment. I do something that is a little less demanding of my mental energy, something that I do All the time, like drive or fold clothes. I don’t try to push it aside or push through. I’m gentle with myself, and I ask the Lord to open my eyes to what is really going on with me at this moment. {He will show you…that is why I get quiet so I can hear ;-)} I acknowledge what I feel and trust His help in moving thru it. Recovery time is key.

We are human beings and things affect us. They don’t have to own us, but we have to learn how to navigate our emotions and situations.

The human experience is complex,


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