Refreshing Review: Sweet Body Balm by Waxing Kara

{I received these items for the purposes of use & review. All opinions expressed are my own. Enjoy! }

Subtle. Smooth. Convenient. Natural and organic.

These are some of my stand-out qualities for beauty products that I use on my body. At my (young) middle age, I am all about putting things on my skin that are good for me, both inside and out.

Well, in my quest for the perfect lip balm, I came across a Honey Lip Balm by Waxing Kara. When it comes to moisturizing my lips, honey is one of my go-to ingredients. Its pretty cool how honey pulls moisture to the skin – it is a natural humectant. I look for it in my lip products, and I don’t mind paying a little extra for it. The balm doesn’t just sit on my lips (and feel waxy) but it soaks in and leaves my lips smooth and tender.

As if this wasnt enough, I discovered that Waxing  Kara offers MUCH more on their site, and it all contains honey, organic honey, as a main ingredient. Kara Brown, founder and CEO of the company, took up beekeeping as a way to produce wax for her paintings. However, the bees also created a bountiful amount of honey as well. She began to think about products to create with honey, and Waxing Kara was born.

Sweet Body Balm

So, I mentioned convenience and organic earlier, right? WK’s Sweet Body Balm is both of those. This is a solid moisturizer made of honey and essential oils, and is for dry places on the body, such as hands, elbows, heels, etc. It comes in stick form and is available in 4 different scents: Good Fortune, Blossoms & Bourbon, Strength, and Peace of Mind.

Sweet Body Balm by Waxing Kara is smooth, natural, and uplifting for the senses!
Sweet Body Balm by Waxing Kara is smooth, natural, and uplifting for the senses!
Photo credit: Dee Dean

My thoughts:

Blossoms & Bourbon: a very energizing scent (contains orange + geranium)

Good Fortune: Very mild, calming (contains green tea + ginger + grapefruit, which I did not expect)

Strength: spicy (cinnamon + clove)

Peace of Mind: lavender, relaxing (lavender + citrus)

I enjoyed Good Fortune the most, for its smooth scent and calming effect. Blossoms & Bourbon is a great pick-me-up scent for a mid-day slump 🙂

Each balm goes on smoothly, no clumping. The application is not greasy, and the ingredients melt into the skin. In addition to being 99.5% organic, Sweet Body Balm is made in America, right here on the east coast. I enjoy supporting products made here in the USA!

In addition, this stick moisturizer is convenient to carry in a purse or gym bag. It is great for airplane travel – no liquid to spill.

It is worth mentioning that Waxing Kara always adds a personal touch to their service. I have received a written note with each of my packages:)

“From farm to body” is the motto of Waxing Kara, and I can so get with that. And check out some of their additional offerings, including honey pops!

I highly recommend visiting to try Sweet Body Balm, and to explore their other organic & sustainable products. I’d love to hear what you think!

Using what is good for the body and the soul,

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