Refreshing Review: Walt Disney World Hacks Susan Veness

Walt Disney World Hacks by Susan Veness Photo credit: Denedriane Dean

{I partnered with the author for the review of this book. All opinions expressed are my own…enjoy!}

One of my favorite Disney travel authors has done it again!

Susan Veness, author of The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World series, has released her newest offering, Walt Disney World Hacks. This one is chock full of helpful and insightful tips to make the most of a Disney vacation. From money saving-ideas to time-saving notions, from doing Disney as an adult to doing WDW with kiddos, this is a resource worth investing in. And with spring/summer travel season upon us, who doesn’t want to maximize on time, savings, and fun?

Walt Disney World Hacks by Susan Veness Photo credit: Denedriane Dean

From the Publisher:

Maximize the magic of the happiest place on earth with these 350+ tips on everything from improving your travel experience to getting the most out of each theme park to make your trip to Walt Disney World your best vacation ever.

There’s adventure in every Disney story…now, experience your own adventure when you visit Walt Disney World! Let Walt Disney World Hacks show you how to meet your favorite characters, eat the best and most iconic food the park has to offer, and enjoy your favorite rides.

With helpful and practical tips such as starting at the back of the park to avoid crowds, planning your visit for January or September for lower prices, and waiting at Hollywood Studios to meet characters you might not otherwise see, you’ll learn how to do Disney right—without spending the whole day in line, and without going over your budget!

My Thoughts

It is a well-known fact that the costs involved in planning a Disney vacation can add up quickly, if you aren’t mindful. And I am not just talking about money costs. Time on a WDW trip is at a premium as well. In my personal experience, I have found that there are some things that we don’t mind dropping a few dollars (or hours) on – unique dining experiences, making special memories, great accommodations, and the like. And then there are other aspects of the trip that I love finding a way to get a good deal. That is where this book – this manual of insightful hacks –  comes in handy!

This book is SUPER user-friendly. The print, font, and colors used make Walt Disney World Hacks are very easy to read and to leaf through. This book is pretty much cover-to-cover tips, with no filler or fluff material (You get your money’s worth with nine chapters that include a little over 400 simple hacks which are easy to put into use.) Some of the chapters include “Disney for Less” (hooray!), “Planes, Trams, and Automobiles” and “Disney with Kids”. There is also an appendix that contains simple maps of the 4 major Parks.

Simpler is better for me when it comes to WDW maps! Photo credit: Dee Dean
Simpler is better for me when it comes to WDW maps! Photo credit: Dee Dean
One of my favorite chapters in Walt Disney World Hacks by Susan Veness! Photo credit: Dee Dean
One of my favorite chapters! Photo credit: Dee Dean

Walt Disney World Hacks is easy to transport. I like being able to carry my reference book in my backpack to the Parks! That way, I can just pull it out wherever I want to look up the information that I need. This paperback has a sturdy cover, and the size makes it ideal for sliding into a diaper bag, backpack, or larger cross-body bag.

The tips are really good! I was pleasantly surprised at how specific these tips are, and like I mentioned earlier, they are easy to employ. Here are a couple that I know work well because I have already used them! Take a peek at these excerpts:

Tip #66: Take a Fort Wilderness Rest Day

Fort Wilderness has so much going on you can easily make it a full day’s adventure. Purchase park admission for one less day than you have available and enjoy the free or inexpensive activities at Mickey’s campground. Take to the waterways in a canoe, kayak, or boat; try your hand at archery; tour the barns where Magic Kingdom’s horses live; stroll the walking trails; or rent bikes or a surrey bike. For a few dollars more, go horseback riding or take a wagon or sleigh ride. Treat children to a pony ride or time at the playground, then end your day with the free Chip ’n’ Dale’s Campfire Sing-A-Long. Grand finale? Watch the Electrical Water Pageant from the shores of Bay Lake.

*My note: You don’t have to buy tickets for a Park to have a great and FULL day on Disney property!

Tip #355: Check Receipts for Discounts

You’ve just enjoyed a Disney Springs dining location, or made a purchase at one of the stores, and the first thing you did was either crumple up the receipt and throw it away or toss it in the bottom of your bag, never to be seen again. But hang on a minute; you could be missing out on a bit of magic. Before you stash it or trash it, take a closer look at that receipt. Occasionally, you’ll find a discount offer printed on it, toward savings on your next merchandise purchase. These discounts generally show up around Christmas, and they may come with terms of use, so be sure to check the coupon’s expiration. It might only be valid for a few hours.

*My note: As much as you spend dining or shopping at WDW, make sure to check your receipts for discounts that can benefit you 🙂

“Excerpted from Walt Disney World Hacks by Susan Veness. Copyright © 2019 by Susan Veness. Used with permission of the publisher, Adams Media, a division of Simon & Schuster. All rights reserved.”

About the Author – Susan Veness

Susan Veness is an international travel writer, researcher, online content provider, and itinerary planner specializing in Florida, Disney, Orlando’s theme parks, and cruising. She is the author of four books in The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World series, and co-author of TheBrit Guide to Orlando and the biography Defying Expectations. She has been visiting Walt Disney World since it opened in 1971 and, with a home just minutes from the Mouse, she continues to tour the parks on a regular basis.

Walt Disney World Hacks is, in my opinion, a must have for the first-time Disney vacationer AND the seasoned veteran Disney guest. Not only will you be enlightened on how to save your money, but you will also see how to make the best use of your time, as well as make lifetime memories during your trip. This wonderful resource releases April 9th (but you can pre-order now) on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million and IndieBound.

What is you favorite Disney travel tip of your own? I’d love to hear it – please share in the comments below! 

Happy Disney vacation planning!

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  1. I’ve literally had 2-3 friends message me recently about trips they are planning over the next month or so. Can’t wait to share this resource so thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Woohoo! I’m glad that I could offer a timely resource, Christine. And thanks for your kind words and support!

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