Trendy Pro Fitness Tracker – My New Fitness Sidekick

{I received this device at a deeply discounted price in exchange for a review. All the opinions expressed are my own. Enjoy!}

Welp, my prior fitness device (whose name I will refrain from mentioning here) has died. I have depended on that tracker for almost 2 years, and I’ve come to like knowing my steps, calories, and sleep patterns by just tapping the screen.

Enter the Trendy Pro Fitness Tracker to my rescue!

Trendy Pro's fitness tracker does way more than just count steps!
Trendy Pro’s fitness tracker does way more than just count steps! Photo credit: Dee Dean

Firstly, this tracker is cute! It comes with, not one, but two bands. I like being able to wear my favorite color (mint) for everyday, and then wear the black band to dress things up a little. I even have the option to mix it up a bit and make the combination of both:)

It's like having 2 Trendy Pro fitness trackers for the price of one :)
It’s like having 2 trackers for the price of one 🙂
Photo credit: Dee Dean

Trendy Pro has made it easy to charge this little powerhouse: the USB is hidden away in the band itself! All I have to do is take off the band from one side, and plug it into my USB port on my laptop. This makes for one less cord that I need to keep up with.

This little baby is a multi-tasking genius for your wrist. The display on the Trendy Pro is clear and well-lit, and relatively easy to read. You can tap easily through the different screens to get the time, track steps, count calories and tracks miles (or km) walked/run. It syncs seamlessly with the app found in both the App store and Google Play.  In addition, it gives a detailed breakdown of each night’s sleep pattern:

Trendy Pro tracks all 3 stages of sleep.
It tracks all 3 stages of sleep. Photo credit: Dee Dean

And also in very cool graph form:

Trendy Pro sleep data in graph form
Sleep data in graph form
Photo credit: Dee Dean

In addition, this tracker holds a charge really well. As I write this, my band is at 48%, after wearing it practically non stop for 4 days. I may be able to squeeze a fifth day out of it before I need to charge it again. Nice! The Trendy Pro can also: help you take a photo, help you find your phone, let you know when to move every hour, and it let’s you know when a call in coming in to your phone.

I know you are wondering the cost, especially knowing that some Trackers that offer similar features can run $50 and up..way up. Trendy Pro offers this one at just under $25, and you can find it here on Amazon:

Well, I am off to get some more activity in 🙂 I hope you have found this review helpful. If so, please feel free to share it with your friends and on your socials…thanks!

Here’s to marking the steps of the fitness journey,

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