Today, I am cutting myself a break

Today I am sunburnt, and I am cutting myself a break.

Okay, the two aren’t directly related, but because I am not feeling my best (due to having been in the heat, and, thus, the sunburn), I am taking some downtime to baby myself and to write. And I’m writing about my thoughts as I was returning home from a hair appointment.

I was thinking about all that I have to attend to in the next few weeks, such as homeschool planning for my rising senior (and my 8th grader), my responsibilities at home and at church, vacation, and various and sundry other things. I started to to feel that feeling of worry and slight anxiousness, as well as feeling that familiar feeling of being behind…does anyone relate?

I have been down that road before, and by the grace of God, I recognize it and know better than to allow my mind to go down that path. Uh uh, not this time. Instead, I began to think and declare on purpose that I am relinquishing my mind of the responsibility of processing those fears coming against me…I am cutting myself a break.

I am cutting myself a break from being anxious abut days and moments that I haven’t lived yet.

I am cutting myself a break from dragging around like a ball and chain areas where I haven’t gotten everything done.

I am stepping way back from feelings of inadequacy, being overwhelmed, perceived insignificance, struggling with my body and the weight that I am working to melt off. God didn’t design that to be my load, and I am not designed to carry that around mentally.

Instead, I choose to rest in the Father’s care for for me and my family, my church, my cares, and all that I must attend to. I choose to enjoy the life He has so generously given me.

And I will rest and recover from being out in the sun too long ūüėČ

What will you release to the Lord today?

Here’s to living lighter because of His saving grace,


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