The powerful art of trailblazing

God calls us to be trailblazers.

He will take you to places you’ve never been, that no one in your family has ever been, and have you do things that no one else in your family has done. It can be a little unnerving.

You don’t know how to do it to who even to ask about it. It’s new level stuff, and it can be a bit scary.

That is, until you realize that this trailblazing mission is not just about you. Somebody has to break through, or else nobody will go to the next level. You are breaking through for your kids, nieces, nephews, sisters, brothers, grandkids, Godkids, people who you lead and mentor. This is so much bigger than you.

And no, you won’t be smooth about it. You might have to fumble a bit until you learn more, get more accustomed to what this new level and experience requires. You will have to humbly admit that this is new and maybe uncomfortable for you. You will definitely have to let the people who God has strategically placed in your life (for this very moment) speak into you and give you direction.

Yet, it’s all a set up to get you there, to blaze a trail so that the people behind you will see how it can be done. So they can see that it indeed CAN be done, and that THEY can do it too.

So how do we do this thing? You let God do what He has been leading all along. You settle down and know that this is bigger than just you, and sigh a sigh of relief. God leads the mission, you follow where He leads. Seek the Lord, spend time with Him just to get to know His heart. His destiny for your life is big, and just like He spoke to Abraham, how He spoke to Mary, He will speak to you to me, and guide our steps.

The trail is worth blazing, and it’s worth fumbling a bit to get there. Just let God let you live a big life. He gets the glory, and the road is made a bit easier and more open for those coming behind you. Stay encouraged.

Buckling up for the big journey,


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  1. Avatar Richard Armstrong says: Reply

    Dee, I have enjoyed my trailblazing trip. Great post. Now on to another trip trough blogging land. Trying to learn. Thanks for sharing.

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