The PokemonGo Phenomenon: a list of stops and gyms in our city!

So my kids teens/young adults are having a BALL playing the new app, Pokemon Go. They have me driving all over town while they find PokeStops and Gyms 🙂  Here is a cool pic of one they found:

So to tap into the fun, I decided to make a list of Stops and Gyms for Harrisonburg, VA:


  • Garbers Church of the Brethren (sign only)
  • The sign by JMU Newman Lake
  • Taylor Hall (plaque )
  • Green Valley Book Fair
  • Hillandale Park (3)
  •  Bust of James Madison (near old D-Hall (JMU)
  • Chestnut Ridge
  • Dreams Come True playground


  • JMU Quad
  • Nieder Chiropractor near Costco
  • Spotswood Country Club
  • TA monument by U-Park
  • The church by the 7-eleven in Bridgewater

I would love to update the list. If you know of a stop or gym that isn’t listed, please email me at I will be sure to shout you out! 🙂

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