The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World, 2nd edition

{I was given this book for the purposes of reading/reviewing. All opinions expressed are my own, for sure :-)}

Ooooo…you have got to have this book if you are a Disney fan!

I don’t normally  ever start out a post this way, even if I am in love with what I’m reviewing, but I really wanted to grab your attention on this one, and I’ll tell you why in the rest of this post 🙂 I always knew that there was much detail included in every Disney World park, but honestly, I had NO idea how much subtle nuance is used to tell a specific story in each park, themed area, It is those very details that give make you feel as though you are in a fantasy come to life!

Admittedly, I think that most of us (myself included) in our excitement to be at Disney, tend to power through each park. We want to get to the BIG things in the parks – our favorite rides, shows, places to eat – and we can easily miss to smaller intricate details that truly help to transport each guest to a different place in each land and attraction.

Well, Susan Veness has solved that problem for us! In this book, The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World, she has opened the treasure chest of secrets and has given us a map to help connect us with the “magic”. In a fun and intelligent fashion, she opens our eyes to things that are the heart and soul of WDW.


Inside each chapter is a brief introduction to and overview of a particular park along with a small black and white map that highlights the sections of that park (i.e. Magic Kingdom and the various lands), each with a short factoid about something there:












Then, Susan takes you thru that particular park, pointing out and explaining the details along the way. Like a master of Disney history {she did a LOT of research}, she puts together the history of the why something was used and the feel that Imagineers wanted to convey. For instance:

“In between Roy’s window at the beginning of Main Street and Walt’s window at the end of Main Street are the names of the cast and crew who brought the Show to life. Take time to stop and read them to honor these creative men and women.” ~ pg. 22

She generously sprinkles in fascinating facts and historical facts,  and you begin to see how intentional Walt and the Imagineers were in everything they did:

IMG_8306-0 IMG_8305-0









And at the end of each chapter is a timeline for the conception/construction/updates to that park and its name:

IMG_8307-0 IMG_8308-0









While Susan’s first book, The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World Trivia, is more Disney trivia-based {check out my review here}, this one is a magical and smart journey through Disney parks and history, step by step. I find this one even more fascinating and captivating!  This book itself is a treasure…and a great read in between trips 🙂 It is one that can be read multiple times, assuring that you will get something new to look for each time. It can also be a great resource for homeschooling your kiddos and adding that extra element of education while on vacation.

The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World, 2nd edition helps me to realize why I love visiting WDW over and over…because it is a multilayered experience. Susan brings those layering elements to the forefront in an engaging way. Thanks Susan for the work you have put into bringing this book to us. It is a gem that I will keep on my shelf and read over and over!

Enjoying my trip through Disney,


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