The Fog Isn’t So Scary Now..Here’s Why

I don’t like driving in fog. Not at all. In fact, it makes me a little bit tense when have to do it.

Such was the case yesterday.

As my daughter and I were driving to Charlottesville, we began to see the advisory signs that said “fog on the mountain”. It was an otherwise cloudless day, and so the warning of fog being up ahead caught me by surprise. I began to brace for the experience of driving through fog on Afton mountain, something that I have done a couple of times before (with much trepidation and a bit of perspiration).

There are a few of reasons that the fog is not my friend, the most important one being that I cannot see what is around me, or better yet, what is in front of me. It is a weird feeling to be cocooned by a cloud that is low to the ground, especially while driving over Afton. It’s like driving minus one of my 5 senses or something.

Anyway, as we approached the mountain, the sunshine greatly diminished and the sky quickly became overcast. I then knew that the warning was accurate, and so I said a quick prayer. I didn’t want to be fearful, so I just gave it to God and continued to drive.

As I crested to the part of the mountain that kind of levels off (before the downhill drive begins), I expected the blanket of fog to envelope the van. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the fog was up in the trees to my left, and down in the valley to my right. There was indeed fog on the mountain…but it was not on the road at all! It was literally like God had parted the Red Sea on the road, so that all the driving surfaces were clear, not a low hanging cloud in sight.

And it was then that my Heavenly Father said something quite profound to my heart. And when God whispers, you definitely want to listen to that still small voice.

He said, ” I will move heaven and earth for you…you have to believe that.”

My mind then flashed back to my college years. I was en route to sing in a friend’s wedding. The sky opened up and the rains came down. Hard. I was a bit terrified of having to drive to an unfamiliar place in the pouring down rain, but I knew I had to get to the wedding rehearsal. So, I pulled my little Datsun B210 over on the side of the road, and I asked the Lord to stop the rain for me so that I could get there safely. Not a long prayer, but one straight from my heart. It was less than 5 minutes when the rain literally dried up and the sun came out. I was amazed, but not surprised. In that moment, my heart received that God cares about us very deeply, and He hears our faintest cry about the smallest things! {I love how He uses everyday situations to speak to me/us about His power and presence.}

When I saw that fog was everywhere around us BUT not on the road, I was reminded once again of how He loves and cares for me. And how nothing, absolutely nothing, is impossible with God. And how the still small voice of my Father is gold to me.

So, the fog is not quite as intimidating to me now as it was before – I have seen God move heaven and earth for me 😉

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  1. Avatar Connie Hawley says: Reply

    Hear you and agree about going over that mountain in the fog. My first drive over it was in the fog.
    But isn’t our GOD #Faithful!!!!🙌🙌🙌🙌

    1. Yes He is Connie!

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