The Avengers: You will want to see it…with your kids! (no spoilers here)

Here is my verdict: Disney’s “Avengers” is a winner!

Now here is why (I will not be addressing any plot specifics here…I really want you to see it!):

A solid story. In my opinion, the hallmark of a truly good movie is a tightly knitted story, and “Avengers” has it, hands down. Everything is done and mentioned for a purpose that is later revealed. This movie keeps you engaged throughout the almost 2 1/2 hours of run time.

No sex. Yep, straight story and action! I think Tony Stark may have kissed Pepper Potts once, but that was the extent of the male/female interaction. What a pleasant and welcome surprise!

Hardly any language. I think Iron Man said maybe 2 words that I can recall. Now, I prefer none at all, but the ones he used were more on the mild side, and absolutely no f-bombs or God + a deplorable last name were used. Bravo!

High action. Wooo! There is PLENTY of flying, blowing things up, things falling out of the sky, well choreographed fights, slick fighting moves, and more. It’s a visual treat!

This is a movie that you AND the kids in your life can see together in the theater. It is a blockbuster for a reason, and its not due to passionate sex scenes, a weak storyline, foul language, or hyped-up visual effects. No, this is a great movie with all the right elements and all the right stuff. Kudos to Disney for a job well done!

Hope you get to see it soon,


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