My fitness journey: #MyMarchMarathon update #2

Week number 2 has progressed pretty well, and I have been able to move and add to my miles. I am feeling stronger, and I look forward to my time on the treadmill! A couple of times I have been able to get outside to walk, which has be quite refreshing.   However, this challenge hasn’t […]

I’m going to run a marathon…#MYMarchMarathon!

I’m going to run a marathon in March. Yes, it will be 26.2 miles, but I won’t be the conventional way of doing it. I was a bit inspired by those I know who just ran the Disney Princess Half events of this past weekend. {And truthfully, I was a bit jelly seeing all the […]

Refreshing Fitness: My #MoveFor20 progress report

Back in November of last year, I was inspired (to ramp up my personal exercise dedication) by David Pollack who does a run for 20 challenge from Thanksgiving to Jan 1. I created my own, Move For 20 challenge (#MoveFor20), and here is my progress report: Month 1, December 2013: started and moved for twenty […]