Fitness is not about your scale

I am not telling you anything new when I say that we are a bit obsessed in this country with weight loss. Don’t get me wrong: I am all for getting to and maintaining a healthy weight. I am in the process myself of working in a healthy way to shed some extra pounds. However, […]

Refreshing Fitness tip: two simple moves to improve your life…for life!

In my 17+ year journey to recover my body and heal from my diastasis recti, I have recently discovered that to simple moves are helping me out so much. They are simple moves that are lifestyle exercises, and they can be done in everyday movements throughout your day. Each time you do them, you strengthen […]

Today, I am cutting myself a break

Today I am sunburnt, and I am cutting myself a break. Okay, the two aren’t directly related, but because I am not feeling my best (due to having been in the heat, and, thus, the sunburn), I am taking some downtime to baby myself and to write. And I’m writing about my thoughts as I […]