Beyond the Mask in theaters June 5!

Hey all! You all know that I have really enjoyed getting the word out about the recent faith-based movie Beyond the Mask. (In case you missed my initial review of the movie In February, you can read it right here.) I also had the privilege of being a theater captain for my local theater here […]

The grace to embrace interruption in our home education plans

Sometimes we think that everything going according to schedule is a sign of success. However, the truth is that our schedule is a sign of a willingness to have a plan, that is all. If it all goes the way we planned it, that’s great. But what if we get interrupted by something unexpected? How […]

Today, I am cutting myself a break

Today I am sunburnt, and I am cutting myself a break. Okay, the two aren’t directly related, but because I am not feeling my best (due to having been in the heat, and, thus, the sunburn), I am taking some downtime to baby myself and to write. And I’m writing about my thoughts as I […]