Relationship talk

I will never forget the day that my dad asked me a life changing question when I was 12. He came downstairs after having some prayer time with the Lord, and he asked me this simple question: Do you have a relationship with the Lord? I was (and still am) a talkative person, but in […]

The powerful art of trailblazing

God calls us to be trailblazers. He will take you to places you’ve never been, that no one in your family has ever been, and have you do things that no one else in your family has done. It can be a little unnerving. You don’t know how to do it to who even to […]

Purpose in HIS hands: your strengths AND weaknesses

God uses your strengths to bring you success, so that He can showcase HIS strength in your weakness. Whoa. Think about that. The Father gives you strengths (things that come easy and that you are good at) to cause you to succeed in your life. Each of us has a passion for something, and an […]

My kids will be alright!

As I walked to the mailbox this afternoon, my thoughts turned to my teen-aged children and them navigating through life. As many parents do, I want the best for them and definitely want them to NOT have to learn hard lessons in life. Yes, they will learn things for themselves, but I don’t believe that […]