Fitness is not about your scale

I am not telling you anything new when I say that we are a bit obsessed in this country with weight loss. Don’t get me wrong: I am all for getting to and maintaining a healthy weight. I am in the process myself of working in a healthy way to shed some extra pounds. However, […]

Lessons I learned from #MyMarchMarathon

I am so glad {and grateful to God} that I established this challenge for myself and completed it!  I’m proud of myself, and I have seen some good physical results from my efforts. There are some valuable things that I have gained from this experience, and so please allow me to share. Being consistent is […]

Fitness journey update #1: #MyMarchMarathon !

We are off to a good start! If you have been following me (and for those just tuning in), I start my own fitness challenge for March. In honor of the Disney Princess Half festivities that happened in February (and since I could not be down in Orlando in all that warm weather) I decided […]

How the body moves: nuggets from my journey to be fit

Okay, let me just set the record straight right off the bat: I am NOT a fitness professional. I do not work in the field of fitness, I am not a physical therapist, bio mechanist, nor am I a fitness blogger. Truthfully, I’m can’t even classify myself as a fitness enthusiast! There are no credentials […]