Rockin’ my teeny weeny afro at 41!

Hey all!

It has been a while, but I am back and I just want to share about my hair.  I have been rockin’ my natural hair for a while, but I cut it really short again around May.  It is a becoming style and very easy to pull together… I love it and so does my hubby!

However, I am in the age category of over 40, and I just had an epiphany about how we as over 40’s can style our ‘dos.  The fact is that the younger set can rock the wraps and bandannas and headbands, and I did myself, even in my late 30’s.  Now, though, it hit me that for those of us over 40, it is more about shape and texture variations than do-dads that we can put IN our hair.  Its less about the decoration and more about the demonstration of the glory of the hair that is uniquely ours!

I will have to let that thought marinate for a bit and work with those parameters.  I am sure that we will have a chance to revisit this again…thanks for listening!

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