Review: FightingFit – a kickboxing inspired workout!

{I received this workout for the purposes of use and review. All opinions and thoughts expressed are surely my own…enjoy! :)}

I am always in the market for a good total-body workout. It is a goal of mine to just keep moving, in every age and stage that I am, and I enjoy mixing it up a bit with different styles of exercise. So when I was presented with the opportunity to try out Fighting Fit, I was excited!

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I enjoy jabbing and punching and kicking in my workouts, and so this kickboxing inspired workout from Seo Kelleher was right up my alley. Seo is an accomplished fitness trainer and kickboxer in her own right, and she offers this program at her studio, CO2Fit, in Richmond, Virginia.

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Fighting Fit is an empowering set of 3 15-minute workouts and 3 (slightly shorter) core workouts. You can do the workouts separately, or run them together back to back for a full hour of fitness. My days are pretty full, so I enjoyed the option of the shorter 15-minutes. Each 15-minute segment is a set of intervals, separated by the fighter’s bell sound. With each interval, you can vary both your speed and intensity.

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The moves that Seo and her team do are kickboxing -INSPIRED. This video does not teach you kickboxing per se, but Seo does make it very easy to learn and do the moves to work up a sweat. The best thing about Fighting Fit is that there is no music to workout to. None. So the absence of music allows you to execute the moves at your own pace and intensity. You can pace or push yourself…it is your choice. {That is a good thing for real. the last time I started a kickboxing routine back in 2009, I pushed so hard that I strained the intercostal muscles between my ribs. I thought I was having a heart attack for real, it hurt so bad! Slow and steady is much better in the beginning.}

I like the fact that the workouts are filmed right in the gym that Seo uses, and she uses people of different sizes and shapes in her video. The moves are not intricate, but they are effective in getting your heart rate elevated. Oh yes, I haven’t said much about the core workouts only because I tend to limit the amount of intense ab work that I do. I watched those segments, but I opted out of doing them so that I did not undo the work that I have put in to heal the diastasis recti that I’ve dealt with for years. Nevertheless, the ab work is intense!

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{A small word of caution for those with children who might join you as you exercise: there are a few uses of the word kick*** sprinkled throughout the video. I just wanted to bring that to your attention in case you don’t want them to hear that (or repeat that) from the workout.}

Seo definitely knows what she is talking about and is an excellent instructor in this video. Her motivation is not about weight loss, but about strength and confidence. She spotlights the people in her video, and gives a bit of each of their stories and how they overcame things such as shyness. Seo made me love kickboxing moves even more, and these workouts will motivate you to go harder, and you will feel STRONGER. And I love the fact that you can do a quality workout like this in the comfort of my own home 🙂

And great news: Seo has also given me a deal for you my readers! The workout downloads are $20 each, but you get a 20% discount with this unique discount code: DEE15

 For more information on Seo and Fighting Fit, and to check it out for yourself, visit
Here’s to getting stronger and Fighting Fit!

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