Review: Closer to God Each Day by Joyce Meyer

{I received this book at no cost for the purposes of reading and review..all opinions expressed are my own:-) Enjoy!}

In my walk with God, I have learned that I grow from learning what He says about my life. Sometimes, that means reading several chapters in the Bible in one setting. However, most times it means digesting a little bit at a time, on a consistent and daily basis. For the latter reason, I really enjoy a good Bible devotional: it gives me bite-sized nuggets to chew on and help me grow in Christ.


One of the first people in my adult life that really helped (and still does help) me to understand how God loves me was Joyce Meyer. She always explained God’s truths to me in a way that I could grasp them and walk them out in my personal life. I have enjoyed of reading several of her books over the years, and this one, Closer to God Each Day, is another that I’m grateful to have in my library 🙂



From the publisher,

In this 365-Day devotional, Joyce Meyer, #1 New York Times bestselling author, helps readers achieve a more confident, joyful life by growing closer in their relationship with God. Everyday life can be demanding; it’s easy to become distracted by so many things that seem important. But in order to lead a fulfilling life, you have to make time daily for what’s most important–your relationship with God. In CLOSER TO GOD EACH DAY, Joyce Meyer, #1 New York Times bestselling author, outlines practical ways to develop your intimacy with God. Joyce shares powerful Scripture and personal illustrations that will help you experience the peace that is gained through closeness with Him. You’ll be inspired each day to make better decisions, live more effectively, and lead the joyful life God has planned for you – See more at:

What do I enjoy about this devotional?

  • There is one short reading for each day of the year
  • Each day starts off with a scripture, then an explanation, and then a one-sentence thought to remember and carry with you throughout the day
  • The book is compact in size (5″x7″) and is easy to carry around/travel with
  • It is written so that anyone and everyone can get something from it and understand
  • Each devotional encourages you that God wants to be close to you


I feel that I’m being built up in my spirit each time that I take a moment to read the passage for the day 🙂 If you are looking for a way to spend more time getting to know the Lord, I highly recommend Closer to God Each Day. It is available at your local Christian bookstore or online for about $17, and it also makes a great Christmas gift for someone you love 😉

Here’s to making time for the important things!





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