Refreshing Review: Beets Blu PagerTag tracker!

{I received this item at a deep discount for the purposes of use and review..all opinions expressed are my own:)}

You all know that I have a penchant for gadgets and technology. And sometimes I misplace my keys. What a lovely convergence of those circumstances to be able to test out the Beets Blu PagerTag!


The PagerTag is marketed as a device that can help you keep track of and locate items that it is attached to. It is very small and slim and easily attached to a key chain, placed in a purse, or placed in a suitcase. It uses Bluetooth smart technology to connect with your phone as well as to track items.




Instead of attaching them to my keys, put the PagerTag in the small pocket of my purse. My keys and my bag are almost always together, so I could keep track of both at the same time ­čÖé When my purse got out of range of my phone, the beeping started and kept going until I got close to it again.

The device is app driven, and so the setup is mostly through that. {Setup is fairly easy, although the paper directions that are included with the device are informative but not extremely helpful. I learned more through using the free app.}



Once you download  the app, you can take a photo of what it is you are keeping track of (i.e. my bag). You can choose what sound your alarm will make when your item is out of range, as well as a few other functionalities. In addition, the app will let you know the battery strength and whether the device is on or off.






Also, the PagerTag can perform remote actions, such as starting a playlist on your phone (which is fun), or taking a photo.

I found the device to be easy to use and very handy for the purpose of keeping up with my things. I love the fact that it uses Bluetooth and that it is small and slides into my purse, instead of me having to attach it to my keys. Like I mentioned before, there a few more functionalities that I have yet to explore, and looking at so many features got overwhelming for a moment. I think that just having this as a locator is quite enough to make this one a winner ­čÖé

The PagerTag can be found here for $24.95 on their website: , along with a couple of other items that they current have on the market.

Do you have a PagerTag? If so, please share what you think about the device. I would love to hear!

Keeping up with my things,



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