Refreshing how-to: My family’s “engineering team” solution to a clogged vac hose!

I just need to share a small solution to a problem that saved myself headache and dollars, and it may save you the same thing 🙂

This past weekend, one of my daughters was being helpful around the house (in her room in particular) by taking the time to vacuum her floor. She was almost finished when I heard a strange, “Uh-oh..” Immediately, I knew what had happened: some foreign object had gotten sucked up into the hose… I was not a happy camper for a moment. This had happened before (to me) with an older hose, and we are still to this day trying to get it unclogged 🙁

Fortunately, we discovered pretty quickly that the said object had not made its way into the central vac system, only part of the way in the hose. We threw up a quick prayer for assistance, and then we began to work the problem. You would have though we were NASA scientist trying to bring back astronauts from the moon {think: Apollo 13 :)}! We had other vacuums out, trying to reverse-suction the object out, and we were thinking of ways to put something down the hose to extract the object (a hair cap was the offending material). Everyone in our house was either checking out Youtube for a helpful video, or offering their own clever suggestion.

What we ended up doing to solve the problem (and yes, the hose is clogged NO more!) was pretty ingenious. We didn’t see it posted as a solution anywhere, so I thought that I would make a video to share. Please let me know if it is helpful to you or someone you know, and please feel free to bookmark and to share…thanks!

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