Refreshing thought: sometimes you have to swim upstream

It’s no wonder that I like salmon. A LOT.

Not only is it a hearty, tasty fish, but its mating ways are a metaphor for life. As I understand it, salmon swim upstream to lay their eggs., and they do it every year, instinctively. It’s part of their survival.

Now, upstream isn’t just a direction, but a force. Salmon have to go against extremely strong currents of water to accomplish their mission. That is probably why they are a very thick fish…the struggle makes them stronger. However, that is a post for another day 😉

So….thinking about my own life, I see that I myself have to make that upstream swim occasionally. I have to weigh out and make decisions for me, our family, activities to participate in, my allotment of time, and so on. And those decisions have to be my own, not based on what others may want for me. Yes, I take counsel in prayer and with the wisdom of what my hubby sees, and input from my children, and those who love and care for me. But ultimately, the decision is mine.

Where does the upstream metaphor come in? Well, sometimes – a lot of times – the decisions that I have to make aren’t as easy as good vs. bad. Nope, they are more like good vs. better, for my life. That is where the climb is. What I may want to do is good, nothing wrong with it, but the better decision for the season I’m in is to say no. Ouch. I don’t like it all the time, and that is where I become a thick, hearty fish, so to speak, because I have to push against the tide of even what I want in order to stay true to what I know I need to focus on in this season.

The other part of swimming upstream is walking out the decision I’ve made. I have to risk being misunderstood or feeling as though I am left out on the fun. Nevertheless, at the end of the day, peace with my decision is priceless.

So while I am navigating that climb, i have to remember that I like where I am, I like where I’m going, and I trust God to help me get there. And I’ll “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming….”

Getting stronger,


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