Refreshing Tech Toy Review: Star Wars BB-9E Droid from Sphero!

{In response to a timely (and cute) IG post, Bed Bath & Beyond generously gifted me this wonderful item. In appreciation (and not obligation), I’m posting a review of this very cool tech toy. I hope you enjoy!}  

Toys are not just for kids, especially in this day and time. People of all ages like to have a little tech-infused fun and entertainment. I know this to be true in my own family! We have two kids in college and the other is a high school senior, and they are all mesmerized by what this “toy” can do. Let me share with you why this app-controlled Droid from Sphero is a fantastic fusion of fun and technology that my whole family is enjoying 🙂


#1 This is a Star Wars BB-9E. I can imagine that Star Wars rings a bell, especially if you are a fan like me. And you have probably seen the cute little droid in the newest SW films, BB8 (he is a ball droid that is orange and white, and is almost everywhere that Star Wars is advertised). However, you may be thinking, what is a BB-9E? Truthfully, we didn’t know either until we stopped by our local Bed Bath & Beyond. Right there as we came in the door was an adorable display of the three droid units from the newest movie, The Last Jedi. I recognized R2D2 and BB8, but I really didnt know the last one in the photo below:

We came to find out that he is a First Order droid, the evil counterpart to BB8, and his name is BB-9E. I have a feeling that we will learn lots more about him when the movie releases in December 🙂

#2 This clever toy uses current technology that my kids have right on their phones. As I mentioned before, BB-9E is app driven. It uses an app and Bluetooth tech to connect to the unit, which then enables the user to move and maneuver the droid around on the floor. So an iPhone or iPad is all that is needed to interact with this little bot. (Incidentally, the droid takes just 30 – 60 minutes to charge, straight out of the box…super fast.) Here is a little taste of what it can do:

#3 BB-9E is just so cute! The unit is just inches in height, and puts you in mind of the droid right away. The detailing is distinctively Star Wars, including the charging station and training stand that comes with it. He blips and whirrs and beeps just like R2 an BB8. His movements and motion are just the way you would expect them to be, especially if you have seen the franchise movies.

#4 Look for some clever surprises with this one. I won’t give away too much detail, but I’ll just say these two phrases: augmented reality and movie. There are a couple of cool effects that Sphero has included with  this droid that will enhance the enjoyment even more.

We are still discovering BB-9E’s capabilities, and we are having a great time doing it, the whole family! If you want to find out more about purchasing one, click this link: .

Let me know what you think about this droid, or how excited your are about the upcoming movie, The Last Jedi. I’d love to read your comments!





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