Refreshing Talk Christmas Gift Guide: a few of my favorite things

{This Gift Guide is a compilation of my personal recommendations. I am not being paid to mention any of these products. I wanted to simply pass on ideas from products/services that I have personally used this year since they are that good. And yes, the post may contain affiliate links because I affiliate with things that I enjoy!}  


Welcome to my first annual gift guide for the holidays! From fitness programs to gadgets to jewelry, I’ve got some personal recommendations just for you.


I am all about giving meaningful and thoughtful gifts, and all of these recommendations are products and services that I have used for my self. Whether you are shopping for someone else, or needing to drop a hint or two for someone who is shopping for you, you can find a gift from my favorite things. {Oh….and please make sure to read all the way thru the post for some surprises just for you, my readers, at the end ;-)}



image and Both of these programs came into my life at a time when I was über frustrated with dealing with a diastasis recti.  At the time, I had been looking for ways to heal from this pregnancy injury for over 16 years. These programs (each one has a different approach to healing and care of your core, and I benefitted from both) gave me structure and focus on what I could do exercise-wise as I was healing up, and they both offer a community of support to help as you work through. I am in a better place, stronger and healthier, because of Mutu and Fit2b!

ShazzyFitness Shazzy is such a fun and energetic way to get your dance workout going! I enjoy dancing to hip hop music, but I found myself having to be extremely selective on what songs I used because of the words and sometimes suggestive lyrics. Shazzy Fitness offers fresh dance moves paired with Christian hip hop music to offer an uplifting, fun, and sweaty workout experience. I promise you will feel like to worked it out after even just one 10 minute session 😉

Jewelry – These hoop earrings at AMAZING because they give you the look of pierced without having to pierce your ears! I had keloid scars for a major portion of my adult life, and once they were removed, I couldn’t pierce again. Regular clips wouldn’t work, so I couldn’t doll up and wear earrings period ;-( And then God blessed me to find these…game changer in my life. Whether you have keloids or issues with your ear lobes that make it difficult to wear pierced earrings, these are wonderful earrings for you. They make hoops out of Sterling silver, and handcraft the dangles to wear with them, so you can change up the look for every outfit.

20140406-194352.jpg Coco is a master silversmith, and her eye for creating is incredible. She works mainly with silver and precious stones, and her creations are classy. I have had the pleasure of her making personalized rings for me, and I wear them everyday, everywhere:



Techy gagets this Canadian based company has a wide range of charging devices for all your gadgets. I reviewed their PowerStick+ charger last month, so feel free to check that out here. Their products are made in North America and are both sturdy and dependable. I have nothing but good things to say about the product and their service.



Now, here is the surprise: My friends who own the aforementioned businesses have given me discount codes just for you, my readers, to shop with for the Holidays! Click through the links on this post to take advantage of these great discounts:

MuTuSystem DEE15 for 15% off

Fit2B freshtalk for 30% off annual membership

Shazzyfitness REFRESH20 20% off any 2-DVD special OR
REFRESH10 for 10% off total order, valid thru 12/26/14

Lisadora 2014DEESFOLKS valid through January 1, 2015, will automatically deduct 30% off the order total of products. Any applicable taxes and shipping/handling are added after the discount is given

LovingAnvil DEELIGHT 10% off at or free domestic shipping at, good thru 12/22/14

PowerStick POWER10 to receive a 10% discount on any of our products

Thanks for stopping buy and letting me share with you.  I hope that you or someone you love will get to enjoy some of my absolutely favorite things. Enjoy shopping …Merry Christmas and happy Holidays!






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