Refreshing Talk book review: The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World Trivia by Susan Veness

{I was sent this fun book for the purposes of reading a reviewing it. All opinions expressed are my very own ;-)}

I am always tickled to have things on hand that put me in mind of the fun that my family and I have had while vacationing at Walt Disney World. In fact, one of the reasons that I am such a Disney fan is because we have been able to do so much there as a family and a huge chunk of our memories come from spending time there in Florida together.


So, when I first saw this book by Susan Veness and was given the chance to read and review it, I knew that it was something special that I would want in my collection!

The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World Trivia is a fun walk of all things trivia through each of the four Parks: the Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. Each chapter has trivia questions about the park overall, as well as questions pertaining to each attraction or ride contained within that park. In addition, the author infuses the book with fun points of information and fascinating facts about many of the rides and attractions there at Disney World. She points out the small delightful details that Disney is so well-known for including, and there are things that she recommends that you look for on the walls, details on a ride or a fountain. For instance, while you may be standing in line to ride Space Mountain, she encourages you to look for a particular feature on the maps that are to your left-hand side ( I wont tell you what exactly…you will have to buy the book for that!)

In addition, Susan includes a fun scavenger hunt at the end of each chapter for that particular park that she has just covered. Furthermore, Chapter 5 is a chapter full of bonus scavenger hunts.

This book is designed to be wonderful companion that you can take along with you on your vacation to Walt Disney World. You can learn and experience the history of each of the parks as you stroll, shop, make your way to rides, and while you eat. You definitely want a copy on you as you wait in line to ride or you are taking a breather on a park bench.

I found great enjoyment in reading parts of this book at home with my family. What a way to remember the magic and magical times as we learn and laugh together!

Of course, Disney is consistently upgrading and making new changes in the Parks, so a few of the rides/attractions that are mentioned in the book are no longer there, such as the Maelstrom in Norway at Epcot, which closed in the late fall of last year. However, the book is written in such a way that you can skip over a part that no longer pertains and keep moving to the next one. I also think it gives the author a chance to release another edition of the book to keep us updated ūüėČ {update: Susan has just released the 2nd edition of this book for pre-order as of the start of January 6….yes!}

The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World Trivia a treasure trove of great Disney trivia, and I think every Disney fan (like myself) definitely needs to have a copy! Check by Amazon to pre-order the latest edition in paperback or for Kindle.


Enjoy your pursuit of Disney trivia!


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