Refreshing Review! The Prayer of Protection, Joseph Prince

{I was given a copy of this book for the purposes of reading and review. All opinions expressed are my own…enjoy :)}

Wars. Rumors of wars. Sickness and disease. Racial tensions that explode. Financial ups and downs. These are just some of the situations that we face or hear about every day. How are we to walk in this life without cowering to fear? How can we live an extraordinary and victorious life in the face of so many challenges? God’s Word reveals the answers that we so desperately need. In his brand new book, The Prayer of Protection: Living Fearlessly in Dangerous Times, Pastor  Joseph Prince breaks down the 91st Psalm to us so that we can learn God’s promises of His protection.

Prayer of Protection
The newest book from Pastor Joseph Prince, The Prayer of Protection.
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 I am a wife, mom and copastor of our church. There are a lot of people in my care that I look to the Lord to protect and watch over. My husband, my children, extended family members, church family and friends…each of these folks means a lot to me. Like many of you feel about your loved ones, I want them to be protected and safe.
God doesn’t want our hearts to faint or to be in fear, and for that I am grateful. So how do I appropriate His promises in the Bible to my own life?

From the publisher:

THE PRAYER OF PROTECTION unveils the Bible’s ultimate psalm of protection, Psalm 91, to help you understand more about how God guards His children. Joseph Prince offers simple keys and practical advice to finding and resting in the secret place of the Most High, where no evil can even come near you. You’ll begin to live unafraid and with boldness as you allow the certainty of your heavenly Father’s love and the sure promises of His Word to guard your heart against every fear. Come under the wings of the Almighty and live life divinely protected, positioned, and free from all fears with our covenant-keeping God!

My thoughts:

Since 2009, I have had the opportunity to read most of pastor Prince’s books.  I have learned so much about the grace of our Lord, and how to see Christ throughout the Old and New testaments of the Bible. He has a way of making very deep truths in Scripture very simple, and it is no different in this book.

In The Prayer of Protection, Pastor Prince not only teaches us the principles of The Word in Psalm 91, but he shows how it applies to us personally. I am reminded throughout the book that God’s Word is active and living, applicable to my life now.

prayer of protection
This book is an awesome reminder for us of God’s precious and powerful promises of protection!
Photo credit: Dee Dean

The Prayer of Protection is easy to read, and it is chock full of revelation of God’s love and care for us. Pastor Prince writes it in a very relatable and personal way, and personal testimonies from people around the world are interspersed throughout each chapter. I enjoy reading the testimonies because they encourage my faith!

I also love that Pastor Prince does not give His opinion, but he shares what the Bible has to say. He breaks down the 91st chapter of Psalms in digestible portions in each chapter, tackling such verses as “the secret place” and “It shall not come near you” in order to offer more clarity on what God is saying to us.

I am greatly comforted by the Word of God, and I cherish this book as a resource that I can refer back to help me better understand Psalm 91. The Prayer of Protection is a blessing, especially in this day and time. I refuse to walk out my life in fear, and I will walk forward knowing God’s love and protection for my life and the lives of others that I care about!

“My prayer for you is that your perspective of God will be enlarged by the power of His living Word. ” ~The Prayer of Protection, Joseph Prince

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