Refreshing Review: See the Light Art Projects

Admittedly, the thought of teaching art to my kiddos makes me sweat. I have never been good at art, and I still have a vivid memory or two from JUNIOR HIGH of having to do a still-life drawing…cold shivers down my spine!

So, I have never really explored this aspect of their education much, and I have felt a bit guilty for giving them limited exposure to this. Nevertheless, two of my children are naturally gifted in art, and I wanted to at least try, but I needed some help.

Then the opportunity to review See the Light came my way, and I had to give it a whirl! See the Light is a Christ-centered fine arts curriculum that gives you an opportunity to expose your child to the world of art. It was created by Pat Holt and her husband for the purpose of partnering with parents to give high-quality instruction at home and a Biblical world-view as they work on “drawing children to Him”.



Pat and her team of artists consulted on this set of instructive DVDs, and they are very professionally done. Each DVD is filmed in a quiet setting that allows the student to focus solely on the project they are working on. Pat takes time, at the start of the DVD, to give a bit of art history on the artist’s style they will be focused on in the lesson, and she visually shows what materials will be needed for the project. (They are also listed on the back of the DVD.)

Each art project disc is broken down into 4 step with about 20-30 minutes of instruction per step. This worked well for my 13-year-old and I because we could break up the project into doable bits, one step per day, and not get overwhelmed. It also gave my daughter a sense of progress over the week as she worked on it and kept her wanting to draw!


Pat’s calm and thorough explanations (and her enthusiasm about her craft) immediately put me at ease about this, and I knew that I could relax and let her lead us through our project, Repeated Sweets. We learned about the pop-art stylings of Wayne Thiebaud (who is still alive today), as well as about the medium of water colors (which I have a whole new level of respect for, I might add!) She explained everything step by step, without making either of us feel inadequate. She also weaves in a key scripture for the day that pertains to life skills that are learned within the project, such as being properly prepared for a project.

My daughter chose a creme-filled cookie and a candy cane as her treats to watercolor, and Pat’s upbeat presentation and overhead camera shots helped her to learn how to do it correctly. (Incidentally my teen chose to do a slight variation on the project, as you will notice in her finished work. I had to make sure to encourage her in the way she wanted to do it, haha!)


I am so glad to have had the chance to review See the Light and to have experienced a quality art lesson with my child, and I only wish this had been available when I first started homeschooling. As I looked over the website, I saw that Pat Holt offers these type of lessons in the style of well-known artists such as Georgia O’Keeffe to Wayne Thiebaud, as well as styles of cartooning (which my daughter really wants to try next) and several others. These wonderful projects are available as individual DVDs and as boxed sets. She offers a full Art Class fundamentals as a boxed set as well.
The price points for these lessons are extremely affordable ($14.99 per DVD), especially considering the quality of what you get. Pat even offers a DVD of the month club where you can receive a lesson on DVD for $12.50 each month.

See the Light truly gets two thumbs up from me! My daughter and I had a great time learning the art of watercolor, and we received a stellar studio presentation from Pat, an accomplished artist in her own right. This series is a fantastic resource for home schooled kids, Sunday school classes, etc, and it is ideal even for high school fine arts credits. Have fun checking out See the Light!


Disclaimer: I received this See the Light DVD free for the purpose of reviewing it and its contents. All opinions expressed are my own.

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