Refreshing Review: Math Mammoth

I find it refreshing as a home school teacher to be able to weave materials into my regular curriculum that reinforce and strengthen my kids’ learning process. Sometimes just having a burst of something different re-energizes them…and me!

Math Mammoth is just that for our school, D14 Academy. Math is my strong suit, so it’s not difficult for me to teach. However, having another (and more colorful) voice and way to explain concept expands the learning process.

Math Mammoth is a great big (mammoth…smile) resource for teaching math, whether you can explain math well or you are a bit challenged in that area. The site offers complete curriculums, workbooks, worksheets, and so on, and the materials are available as downloads as well as printed books. (That makes it easy and affordable to print them in sections instead of all at once.) I wish I had this available to me and my kids a few years ago, for sure!

I was sent 4 books from the Blue Series, which are work texts that focus on a few interrelated topics: Early Geometry, Fractions, Metric Measuring, and The Four Operations. My daughter is currently working on some pre-algebra concepts, and so these really helped to serve as review at the beginning of this semester as we eased back into math. We sampled a bit of the work from each book, and some material she knew, while some she was less familiar with.

Each booklet begins with an eye-grabbing cover that also highlights what will be covered in the book:


It follows with an introduction for teachers so that we know what topics will be covered:


The work text itself is very colorful, and it makes the math more inviting to learn and easier to understand, in my opinion. For my 8th grader, it reinforces her independent learning style. She is 13, and I watched her read the presentation of the section and be able to remember or grasp the concept on her own, without me having to explain a lot to her. Answer keys are included as well, making it that much easier to do the corrections and explain mistakes as a child is learning.




I tend to explain concepts such as fractions in a very formulaic manner, and that doesn’t always get it across to my kiddos. Maria Miller, the creator of Math Mammoth, takes such a concept and makes it more tangible and real to the student, and I applaud her for that. I even had fun looking at fractions and geometry through her method! Also, Maria’s desire was to make the work texts for self-learning, and she hit the nail squarely on the head with her Blue Series. And did I mention that the Blue Series work texts are only $2 to $7 per download? That is quite affordable…and the books come in Spanish versions as well.

I love math, and I want to instill a love for it in my children as well. I also want them to be unafraid of mathematics. I so appreciate Maria taking the time to create Math Mammoth because I believe that it accomplishes both by tackling math subjects and topics in understandable and digestible bites for any student. This is definitely a resource that you want to get your hands on.  Please take a moment today to visit the site…its definitely worth your time to check out what Math Mammoth can offer you and your education experience!


DISCLAIMER: I received Math Mammoth for free in exchange for posting about it on Refreshing Talk. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Awesome review! We love Math Mammoth as well!

    1. Thanks Meg! I appreciate you stopping by 😉

  2. Awesome review! We love Math Mammoth as well!

    1. Thanks Meg! I appreciate you stopping by 😉

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