Refreshing review: Diet Enlightenment by Rachel Pires

{I was given this book for the purposes of reding and reviewing it. All opinions expressed are my own:-)}

I love it when I get to read material that resonates with me on a gut level. This is one of those books.


I have always leaned toward the matter of losing weight being an exercise in science, meaning this: more than any thing, if you burn more calories than you consume, you should lose weight. Moreover, I just lost a few pounds last month by tracking my calories and stepping up my walking game.

So when I received this book to read and review, my interest was piqued.

The main thrust of Diet Enlightenment is that you can lose weight through monitoring your calories. This is NOT a diet plan, but a lifestyle adjustment. The author wants you to be equipped to live with a healthy weight for the balance of your life.

What author Rachel Pires advocates is a lifestyle of knowing what your caloric needs are and making wise choices with that currency of calories, so that you maintain your current weight, lose weight, or in some cases, put on  healthy weight. She gives you access to tools and information in the book to help you do just that, including links to websites and apps.

Rachel presents things in such a way that you feel you can make it a lifestyle to do this. While not a licensed professional in this field, you can see that she has done her research and shares her personal convictions about this subject. She shows you how to find out the calories your body needs to sustain itself (BMR), which varies with gender, height and current weight. She also addresses things like how to make choice that will fill you up so that you don’t feel hungry, how to plan for eating out, and how to listen to your body.

Reading this book didn’t make me feel overwhelmed, but I felt as though I had been given a great resource book in which to maximize my healthy weight strategies. I have been reminded of and have learned new things to incorporate into my everyday living. Diet Enlightenment appeals to my science brain and it empowered me to know that it is not about exercise only, but reigning in and being wiser about what I put into my body. I can enjoy eating (not a problem, lol) but I can change up portions and make healthier substitutions that taste equally as good.

Since I am about lifestyle changes that improve overall health, I give this book 4 out of my 5 stars 😉   Have you had a chance to read Diet Enlightenment? Do you monitor your calories daily? I would love to hear from you…please share your input in the comments below!

Learning how to make better dietary choices,


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