Refreshing recovery: #TummyRehab, week 1

{I was given the Tummy Team online rehab program for the purposes of use and review. All opinions expressed are my own.}

What a week it has been for my tummy muscles!

Okay, so I started my tummy rehab with The Tummy Team’s online Core Foundations program last Wednesday. To catch get caught up on my journey, here is my first post.

Here are some of my observations/experiences so far:

– Kelly is a wonderful PT who takes time to explain things in the videos for each week. I understand so much more now about how the transverse works and why I’m doing the exercises she has us doing.

– I was right: my muscles needed a dedicated rehab program. Even now, as I sit typing this, my midsection feels very different than it did last week at this time.

– my multifidis muscles in my back are getting quite a workout as I work my TVA. It is less noticeable now, this week, than last, however.

– the exercises are doable, but I have to be purposeful to get them done. The program is keeping me accountable to doing the work for my body!

– And yes, I am seeing a difference in my side profile. This rehab is changing my midsection already.

And so, it is on to week 2. The healing journey continues!


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