Refreshing Fitness tip: two simple moves to improve your life…for life!

In my 17+ year journey to recover my body and heal from my diastasis recti, I have recently discovered that to simple moves are helping me out so much. They are simple moves that are lifestyle exercises, and they can be done in everyday movements throughout your day. Each time you do them, you strengthen your body and help stay in good shape for the length of your life!

The first on is Squats:
– squatting PROPERLY saves your lower back and strengthens your pelvic floor
– They are not just an isolated exercise, but they can be incorporated into everyday life: unloading laundry, picking up kids, picking up things from the floor, and so on

Here is one of my fitness mentors, Wendy Powell, on how to squat properly:

The other move is what I call floor up-downs:

– We need to maintain the ability to get down/up off the floor to maintain flexibility and lessen the likelihood of injury

– it’s a skill we use less and less as we get older, so we have to be intentional in using those muscles

My second mentor, Bethany Learn, has several videos that help to show how to get down and up off the floor slowly and securely. Check out this post from her Facebook page:

I teach how to get up and down off the floor with good alignment in several of my videos on Fit2B BECAUSE the day you can’t get up and down by yourself anymore is the day you wind up in assisted care. Fitness isn’t about chiseled abs. It’s about life. Can you get up and down off the floor without touching anything?

Doing both of these daily has definitely helped me to be and feel stronger, as well as to be confident about how to move my body well. I’m learning to be in it for the long haul!

Here’s to squatting and floor up-downs,


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