Refreshing Fitness: My #MoveFor20 progress report

Back in November of last year, I was inspired (to ramp up my personal exercise dedication) by David Pollack who does a run for 20 challenge from Thanksgiving to Jan 1. I created my own, Move For 20 challenge (#MoveFor20), and here is my progress report:

Month 1, December 2013: started and moved for twenty minutes for a total of 19 days…great start

Month 2, January 2014: got I a great groove and moved a total of 26 out of 31 days…woohoo!

Month 3, February 2014: stayed in the game, even through some sickness and crazy schedules, total of 17 out of 28 days

I’m continuing this month as well, and I’m off to a strong start. 2o minutes is a do-able block of time for me, and I mix it up to get it in. Most times, its a walk on the treadmill or outside, and sometimes I put on some good music and dance around for that 20 minutes. I incorporate some light boxing moves, sqautting, kicks, isometrics, and just plain aerobic moves to pass the time as I dance. Before I know it, time is up and I have tackled another day of moving! while the scale has been a bit slow in reflecting changes in my body, I have noticed some loss of inches, and my clothes fit differently. I also feel stronger and more energetic…WIN!

My birthday is at the end of April, and my plan is to continue through then and see what additional progress I will have made by then. Care to join me? You can #MOveFor20 and make fitness a lifestyle 😉

Here’s to a lifestyle change,


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