Refreshing fitness: keeping it moving (smartly) through injury

So…I got a little exuberant in my exercising about 3 weeks ago, and I ended up straining a muscle in my left shoulder. This is the first injury I’ve had working out since the great Wii boxing incident of January 2009. That time I strained some intercostal muscles in my rib cage that landed me on the couch for 2-3 weeks (and yes, it was painful.) Thankfully, I’m not in pain with this one, but it does limit my range of motion and so I can’t get vigorous with my walking, running or dancing ;-(

I want to keep up my #MoveFor20 personal challenge, so I’ve had to get a bit creative in my treadmill workouts. And here is a neat thing I’ve found to do: get a good burn simply by increase my incline.






I’m no superwoman…I just hold the increase in incline for 30 seconds to a minute. It makes for a good a sweat building workout without making my injury worse…who knew?

How do you tweak your routine to account for an injury AND keep it moving?

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