Refreshing Book Recommendation: Alignment Matters by Katy Bowman

One of the great things about doing a blog is that you have a running record of all the information that you have shared online with your readers. Therefore, (if you are so inclined) you have material to share in a compiled form, such as a book.

Well, I had the privilege of receiving a review copy of Katy Bowman’s new book, Alignment Matters, a few weeks ago. The above is exactly what she has done. Katy is a leading expert of body alignment (and how the musculoskeletal infrastructure of the body works in synergy), and this book is a compilation of her own blog posts ( from 2007 to 2012.


Alignment Matters is a super book to refer to time and time again. Katy deftly explains and educates the reader (with her own unique brand of humor) on the ins and outs of proper and functional alignment and the effects that it has on our overall health. Her humor helps us navigate the technical nature of some of the information she presents. Katy gets the content across in such a way that even those who are NOT in the field of biomechanics (like myself) can grasp it and run with it!

I have learned a LOT more about my own core, how my footwear affects my alignment, and how even my alignment affects my cardiovascular system. Alignment Matters by Katy Bowman is chock full of content that will help you put it all together a little more about how your body works, and what subtle changes you can make to change the way you feel. Don’t expect to sit down and ready it straight through though; you will need to read a few posts in a chapter at a time to properly digest and apply the information. But believe me, it is so worth taking the time to do so!

This informative book retails for $21.95, and $9.99 for the electronic version, and both are now available on I really encourage you to add Alignment Matters to you library…you will use it for years to come. Here’s to good alignment and good health,


Disclaimer: I received this book as a review copy for free for the purposes of reading and reviewing it. The views expressed about this book are all my own.

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