Real Talk: Being Under Siege From A Tiny Mouse in the House

mouse in the house

Note: no mice were harmed in the telling of this story. Although we had traps set, the tale of the mouse in our house has such a different (and funny good) ending!


I hate mice. The way they move and scurry makes me want to run, far, far away. Let me repeat: I DO NOT like rodentia of any kind. Well, with the exception of  Mickey Mouse 🙂

mouse in the house
The only mouse I like.
Photo credit: Denedriane Dean

Here’s what happened…

Now, we have lived in our house just over 7 years, and we have never had to deal with a mouse. Never. At least, not until about 3 weeks ago. *Cringe*

Our 20 year-old son was the first to alert us of the possible presence of what we would nickname “Jerry”. He summoned my hubby with a quickness with his call hollering for assistance downstairs. I and our youngest daughter slept right through the commotion. Art check around and dismissed it as just a slight scare, no mouse. That is until, a few days later, he saw Jerry scurry by him while he was chilling in the living room. Then stuff got real.

Plans to catch Jerry

My husband first brought home the sticky traps. For those who are not familiar, this is a rectangular trap open at both ends, and it is sticky on the bottom. Our eldest daughter has a soft spot in her heart for all of God’s creatures, and she did not like the idea of us using those traps. They were far too inhumane for her tastes.

Then he purchased the mouse hotels. You put cheese or peanut butter on the inside, and when the mouse goes in after it, the “door” closes behind it.

Well, we had both kinds of traps strategically placed throughout the house, and the waiting game began. Then there was the time when our youngest daughter spotted Jerry in her room. I tried to come to the rescue (I prayed and put on my best game face) and went into her room. I saw beady eyes on a small mouse, and then he scurried away, afraid of me. Admittedly, I felt the same, but I was trying to be strong for my family, so I didn’t want to exactly run down the hall, shrieking in fear.

Over the course of the next 3 weeks, the thought of seeing a mouse in the house would run us. My hubby would get up with me in the morning and he would do a “mouse check” for me in the kitchen. I wanted no surprises. We would get a little jumpy if we heard any little noise. Mind you, I am a homeschooling mom, so my youngest and I are in the house more hours than anyone in our family. We were on high mouse alert. Oh yes, did I mention that I prayed that we could get Jerry out of the house with no bloodshed (or trauma)?

The endgame

Fast forward to today. We hadn’t seen Jerry for a few days, and we thought maybe that he had just gone away, for good. {We had to keep hope alive.} We had just come into the house, and my daughter saw him, hanging out in our living room…EEP!

I wanted to melt into the floor and pretend that I wasnt face to face with the little creature that had been eluding us for so long. Yep, he had skirted ALL of the traps, and was poised on our area rug, almost like he was our pet 🙁

Well, with my husband away at work, I had to rise up and be the brave one. Or so I thought. Our youngest was surprisingly calm, and she kept an eye on Jerry to make sure he didn’t move. She even placed a few sugar cubes in his path to keep him occupied. I texted my hubby in all caps, letting him know that our enemy had shown himself. And since he was in a meeting, I did another brave thing: I called our eldest daughter. Never mind that she was in her dorm room at college, I knew that she could help with her calm demeanor, even from a distance.

And then I had a moment and let go of what I had been holding in: my emotion. I didn’t want my kids to see my cry over a mouse, I had been trying to keep it light and upbeat. but I shed a few tears because I wanted Jerry gone, out of my house. I wanted my house back.

Well, that is when things picked up. Our son drove over to pick up my daughter. (I call him my Uber Hero.)  My youngest and I held down the fort and she kept the mouse in our sights. (She is my She-ro.). When they arrived back out the house, our eldest daughter sprung into action. She picked up the low-tech trap that I had rigged from a plastic container and a stick and some tape. She told us the plan and we executed it well. The end result?

mouse in the house
An old school (and humane) trap.
photo credit: Dee Dean

She cornered Jerry under the container and slid a piece of cardboard under him. With latex gloves on, she swooped up the whole contraption. And just like that, we were walking the mouse out of the house, no bloodshed or trauma. {shout out the Lord for answered prayer.} We were able to release him unharmed, away from our home. (And my eldest daughter is my She-ro Prime.) My hubby was pretty proud of us too.

mouse in the house
Photo credit: Denedriane Dean

Success, in more than one way

After 3 weeks, our house is finally rid of the invader. I don’t have to be concerned about something surprising me by scurrying past. And I’m grateful for a humane resolution to the adventure. And more than than that, I saw my kids rise up and be brave, each in their own way. It may have been a little mouse, but we worked together as a team and had each other’s back. We wish Jerry well, but it aint no lie…I am glad to say bye, bye, bye 🙂

Happy to be Jerry-free,

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