Quick fix: When an email in Outbox gets stuck in “send” mode

Have you ever gone to send something from your phone/device, and it was too big to send? This is exactly what happened to me on Tuesday, and the email got STUCK in my outbox. Now, this has occurred before, but it has always (at some point) stopped sending, and I just deleted it from my outbox.

Not this time. I sent this presentation on a Tuesday, and 2 days later, it was still trying to send, yikes! Moreover, it was holding up other emails from sending as well. I looked and I suddenly had 5 emails in the outbox, trying to go somewhere 🙁

Well, I had to employ the help of my 18 year old and Google to try and resolve the issue. We got it done and here is how. I thought that I would I would share it here so that you know where to go should it happen to you, lol!


Here is how things started. I sent a large file via email and this is what I got:



That little thingy to the left just kept spinning, giving me hope that it would eventually send..NOT. So I found out that I needed to use something that I have only used once, on our overseas trip to Spain last year…the AIRPLANE MODE button:

img_9835-1 img_9836

The next step is to close out (swipe up) the mail app:


Once I did that, all the motion of my phone trying to send stopped and I saw this:


That was all I needed. The next step was to swipe left to delete the email from my Outbox, and then i saw this…YAY!



The last thing to do is to turn off Airplane Mode and voila, problem totally solved!

I hope this was helpful. Make sure that you bookmark, Pocket, or otherwise mark this post so that you can refer back to it when you need to 🙂

Here’s to navigating technology!

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