Product Review: Revlon Root Erase by Colorsilk

I am over 40, and I have gray hairs. There…I’ve said it. Now, I am all about keeping it real, but I don’t want everyone to see them ALL the time. So what am I to do?

Enter Root Erase by Colorsilk! I will get right to the point: I have been begging for a product like this for years, and now Revlon has come through in the clutch.

Root Erase comes in a small bottle with a sponge top. It takes just a moment to mix the color by shaking, and then you can apply the color directly to the gray hairs that you want to hide, no drips and no mess. After 10 minutes (15 for stubborn grays), you can rinse it out, and then shampoo and condition as you so desire.

Revlon offers Root Erase in colors and will color match well with different shades of their own colors, as well with other brands. Check out my beforehand after photos:

I am very pleased with the coverage of my gray AND the color match. And for $3.78 a box, I consider this product a great deal!

I am over 40, and I have gray hairs. But you’ll never know it thanks to Revlon’s Root Erase by Colorsilk!

[special photographer s/o to my eldest daughter…thank you, Doll!]

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