Small Business Saturday Spotlight: PrePOPsterous Gourmet Popcorn!

{I was given this tub of tasty gourmet popcorn for the purposes of taste testing & review. All views expressed are my own…enjoy! :)}

Sometimes you need to start a review from the end. This is all we have left of our tub of PrePOPsterous gourmet popcorn:

Every bit of this PrePOPsterous gourmet popcorn was delish!
Every bit of this PrePOPsterous gourmet popcorn was delish!
Photo credit: Dee Dean

It was SO good, and my whole family tore into that tub! PrePOPsterous is a local gourmet popcorn company in my area. In fact, the owner is a friend of mine who used to live around the corner from us. She and her family would sell the popcorn during our annual  neighborhood yard sales, right out of their garage. I had an inkling that it would be a hit then, and … I was right!

The Story behind PrePOPsterous popcorn:

“I’m just a Midwest girl with a crazy love of gourmet popcorn, a business plan, and a dream that’s been a long time coming.”

– Tisha McCoy-Ntiamoah, Owner

Tisha at ribbon cutting for PrePOPsterous.

“I LOVE popcorn! I grew up in the Midwest, home to three very popular gourmet popcorn companies. My first job in high school was working for a popcorn company and I loved everything about this business from the very first day. As I began college, I continued to work for this company and particularly enjoyed selling popcorn and other specialty treats during the holiday season.In 2004, I moved to the Shenandoah Valley to begin a career in higher education, but I never forgot about my love of popcorn. In my free time, I began taking classes at the Shenandoah Valley SBDC and crafting my business plan.

I’ve spent years researching flavors, recipes, types of popcorn kernels, equipment, and creating the branding. In 2014, I had the opportunity to participate in the What’s Cooking competition through the SVSBDC and learned valuable information to begin the formal process of establishing a business. In spring 2015, I won one of the top prizes for my business proposal. In fall of 2015, I officially established PrePOPsterous™.”

What I LOVE about this company

PrePOPsterous stands out to me for several reasons:

    1. It is local AND locally sourced
    2. The taste is FRESH and amazing
    3. They will customize your bag of popcorn for your personal tastes
    4. All their popcorn is made in a NUT FREE factory (our eldest child has a nut allergy, so this means the world to me)
    5. This is a female owned company – woop woop!

My {Tasty} Thoughts:

Firstly, the taste is a. ma. zing.  The corn is tender and crisp and flavorful. You know how a bag of popcorn can be snazzy when you first open it, but then it gets stale towards the end? Not the case with PrePOPsterous. It was fresh when I unsealed the tub, and it was just as fresh as we ate it down to the crumbs!

Secondly, the look of the packaging is professional and fun:

Professional and colorful packaging from PrePOPsterous!
Professional and colorful packaging from PrePOPsterous!
PHoto credit: Denedriane Dean

PrePOPsterous gourmet popcorn


Thirdly, this company offers many ways to share this popcorn with friends as gifts, at corporate events, and more. There is even a subscription box!

This mix is a special one for James Madison University fans:

PrePOPsterous Dukes Mix!
PrePOPsterous Dukes Mix!
Photo credit: Dee Dean

Just a thought: PrePOPsterous would make a fun and creative gift for Christmas and the holidays! With Small Business Saturday coming up soon, I definitely encourage you to support local businesses like this one for your gifting needs. Please check out my Christmas Gift Guide 2018 for more unique gift ideas as well 🙂

What is your favorite flavor of gourmet popcorn? Let me know in the comments below!

Here’s to flavorful shopping,



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