Personal Growth

via IFTTT Got a fresh new haircut yesterday, just a few hours before my hubby’s annual Christmas social event for work. In years past, I would have serious considered not debuting a new look in front of so many people so soon. I would have needed (wanted) a few days to acclimate. But not this time. I went home and colored my ‘do, selected my outfit, put on my makeup, and headed out the door with my hubby. My mind and heart were set to focus on others and encourage others in conversation and wit. I wasn’t really sweating me. I felt like a queen. Then it occurred to
me: God has grown me up a little ? Is this the first time that I’ve rocked short hair? Nope, not hardly ( check my IG feed…I have loved wearing a close cut for a while.) No, it’s that I sensed something different about this time around. More sureness, more confidence. Less about others approval from the outside, more about if I like it, if it makes ME smile. More about my God using my confidence and EASE to help put others at ease. Isn’t that what we have gifts for, to help others? I was inspired by a post from my friend @amiyrahm . She shared some vital things that her intuition taught her this year. It made me think about and share this moment, a growth point for me in 2017. It’s important to take note of these things because these are life lessons to be learned, to be shared ❤️ What has been one of your growth points/learning moments this year?

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