Omy….I have fine hair!

I just had an epiphany, everyone.  All of my 41 years I have thought that because my hair was thick, that I had thick hair.  Yet, some of the styles I have tried for thick, kinky hair have not worked for me. I just had a thought last night…what if I have been going about […]

Rockin’ my teeny weeny afro at 41!

Hey all! It has been a while, but I am back and I just want to share about my hair.  I have been rockin’ my natural hair for a while, but I cut it really short again around May.  It is a becoming style and very easy to pull together… I love it and so […]

For those who have issues with metal jewelry…

If you are like me, you really enjoy wearing rings (I tend to think that my hands were made to be adorned with standout pieces of jewelry!)  In fact, I prefer to wear my wedding band on my left hand, and a super, fashionista-esque ring on my right. Nevertheless, I sometimes have to take a […]

I found a very cool pencil!

Hello everyone!  I just found a great pencil by…Sharpie!  I was wandering into my local Walmart, and right on the endcap(which I realize is reserved for new items) was this very neat pencil.  It does not have individual sticks of lead, but instead the lead is liquid, so it is designed to write like a […]