Old Fashioned : the Refreshing Talk {no spoiler} review

{I was given a private screening of this film. All options expressed are my very own.}

It is worth the wait, on so many levels.



Old Fashioned is a love story based on the wait. The wait to take time to truly get to know someone. The wait to find out the “not so pretty” past in each others’ lives. The wait to find out what has been holding you back from really letting that past go. The wait for someone you love to tell you that you’ve been hiding out. The wait to truly experience life and love.

I won’t spoil the details of the story because you have to experience it as it unfolds through artful cinematography, well-crafted flashbacks, and engaging dialog. It plods a bit in places, and one of the lead characters can be a bit preachy in the beginning. However, once the movie gets its traction and takes off, the message of grace comes through the actions and interactions, more than just through the words that are spoken.


This is a film about romance that everyone in the household can comfortably watch, together. It avoids being formulaic, and It takes some different (and necessary) turns that I wasn’t expecting. There are some character developments that you have to hang in there for because they come later in the movie. Nevertheless, it’s rewarding to see them develop depth.


Old Fashioned will make you appreciate the value of a solid relationship. And it is worth the wait.

Enjoy this love story,


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