Noom is Changing My Mind About Weight Loss

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My “Year of 50” is off to a brilliant and blessed start! Let’s see…I have made peace with my lovey gray, I have traveled, and Art & I have started our #50for50 celebration for both our 50th birthdays this year. God has been so gracious to us!

One of the things that I am determined to tackle in a healthy way is releasing a few pounds (more like 30 of them lol). Noom reached out to me, and so here I am! Have you heard of Noom? If not, or if you have and you want to read about my first hand experience with it, please read on!

What is Noom?

Noom is a disruptor in the weight-loss industry that uses behavior change and psychology for lasting results. Their mission is to create products that help people live healthier lives. Noom incorporates a psychology curriculum, as well as a one-on-one weight loss expert, and group chat support, in addition to a food and exercise tracker for an all comprehensive program.

It is literally like having a team of folks in your corner, all in one app. 

I had seen Noom advertised online, and I was definitely curious about it. Being a bit of a logical girl, Noom looked like it was a smart and innovative approach to weight loss in a way that is sustainable. When they offered me the opportunity to give it a try, I was excited!

My Noom experience

As of the time of this post, I am 8 weeks into a 4 month program. I didn’t think that my mindset needed to be shifted about weight loss, but soon after starting with Noom, I realized that it did. The way this program is structured, it peels back and peers into the why’s of how I look at food and my eating habits. I have been able to tackle reasons for stress & how those manifests, dealing with setbacks (falling off the (proverbial) wagon), and how to not let that sabotage the progress that I AM making. And Noom does this with sprinkles of humor added in to make the process a bit easier to walk through 🙂

A Bit of the Philosophy and Style of Noom That I’ve Learned:

  • This program explains a bit of the science of food and how the body uses different groups of foods for different purposes
  • It assigns color codes to the food that I log. Therefore, I can aim for a better batting average of foods that are nourishing for my body. 
  • Noom keeps me in the game by giving me tasks to do daily, to learn and to record my eating
  • I am able to hook up my wearable to track steps (had trouble with my Misfit, worked better using backdoor approach with Health app, which connects to my Misfit)
  • I can save the tasks and info that really speak to me 


Some Excerpts From My Journey

I took some time to write down my thoughts as I was starting Noom. I am hoping that they may be helpful to you my readers, and that you may see yourself in some of the nuggets that I am learning. 

  • Week 1 is down and I feel like I am more of a groove
  • Weighed in 5 out of 6 days
  • Starting to pay attention to the analysis of green yellow and red foods, helping to train my brain a different way
  • It’s changing the way I think about eating, snacking
  • I have not done a good job of tracking my meals
  • I HAVE learned more about seeing progress in other measurable ways
  • My thinking about the process is shifting
  • Noom app doesn’t dictate my life; I USE it as a tool to create a LIFESTYLE of health and fitness
  • My goals: strength, overall good health, endurance for travel and ministry, increase metabolism, and lose 25 lbs
  • I am in the process of getting my mind right about eating for fuel
  • Breaking out of a cycle
  • Noom helps much with the way I think about eating & food
  • I’m becoming more informed about how my body and brain work, even as I change habits
Rocking the confidence...thanks Noom!  Photo credit: Dee Dean
Rocking the confidence…thanks Noom!
Photo credit: Dee Dean

Using the Noom program up to this point is not what I thought it would be. That’s why I stated in the title that it has changed my mind about weight loss. It’s not about “these foods are good, these others are bad,” or depriving myself of a food group to get my desired results. It’s also not about a big move of the needle on the scale.

For me, it is about not just creating new habits, but also understanding why old habits aren’t working. I am learning how to give myself permission to look at my progress in different ways, not just the number on a scale. I’m glad that Noom is a process that is invested in changing the mind, which ultimately changes actions. {Just a personal observation/note: This program is not for those who want a quick fix. Noom is committed to the long term, sustained success of those who use the program.}

I have come to see this first 8 weeks as setting up a foundation for me to succeed. That might seem like a long time to not see a great deal of weight change, but I feel optimistic. I’m looking forward to seeing what this next 8 weeks holds! Be sure to check back here for my follow up report 🙂

Have you used or heard of Noom? I’d love to hear about your experience as well in the comments below!



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  1. Avatar Connie Hawley says: Reply

    Had only heard of it from you, Pastor Dee. It sounds most interesting. Looking forward to your update.

    1. Avatar Denedriane says: Reply

      Thank you Connie!

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