#NicheParent14…here I come!


Can I tell you that I am very excited to be attending the Niche Parent 14 Conference at Disney in a few days? And can I say that I totally did not see this coming?

I was the first winner of a Twitter party that Niche Parent and Nadia Jones hosted back in the early summer, and the prize was a full conference pass. I was so surprised (shocked, really) when they tweeted my name! After I came back down the earth, I shared with my hubby, and he was totally on board with getting me there.

We decided that it would be easiest if my family sent me to this conference as a getaway for me. What?? I get to go to a blogging conference AND Disney, all by myself? Oh wow.

Let me say the this trip is a blessing from the Lord on many levels. First, I won a full pass to go to Niche Parent 14! I just needed to get there. My husband and kids have all collaborated to make sure that I get this time for me and for my blog.

Second, one of my goals from 2 years ago was to plan a solo trip by plane somewhere. I have been married since I was 24, and Art and I always travel as a team. He is very travel savvy, and so I’ve never had to plan a flight for myself. However, we both agreed that for the sake of my own travel swagger, I needed to do this. And do it I did! I secured a flight and my accommodations for myself. I have traveled to Disney World several times, so I am comfortable with navigating the grounds. Goal accomplished.

Third, everything I’ve needed for the trip has come into place. From a great price for my flight and lodging, to outfits and business cards…I am checking off my list. That is a huge deal for me indeed.

Last, I finally get to attend at weekend-long conference for bloggers, and I get to meet several ladies that I’ve come to know online. We will meet in real life, and I am rather pumped about that! There will be much hugging (I’m a hugger), laughing, and picture-taking 😉 and I am set to learn a lot of valuable information that will help me take my blog to a new level. And I get to spend some time at Disney, making memories, relaxing, and soaking up the magic.

Niche Parent 14 will be a memorable conference for me, both personally and professionally. I’m grateful to God , to Nadia Jones and Niche Parent for the pass I won, and to my family for pushing to make this happen for me. The 16th can’t get here fast enough….#NicheParen14, here I come!



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