From Wholyfit Devotional Exercise: New A.R.T and G.B.P to strengthen your mind, heart and spirit!


{ I was given access to this program for the purposes of use and review. All opinions expressed are my own..enjoy! :)}

Enhancing my fitness for the long-haul – that is my motto for this stage in my life. My desire is to continue a lifestyle of fitness that will service me into the next decades, helping me to be active, flexible, and strong as I age gracefully 🙂 Of course, I also want to maintain a good weight for my frame, as well as be the best version of me in each stage.

So I’m always open to fitness that I can incorporate into my everyday life. Now, I gotta be honest: I’m not going to spend 5-6 days in the gym – I never have and that is not me. I need ways to stay fit that can weave in and out of my schedule as mom, wife, teacher, and a copastor of my church!

I came across devotional exercise while on a search, and it intrigued me. I enjoy the stretches that yoga gives, but I have wrestled with the spiritual aspects that are attached to it (and therefore, I would be hesitant to promote it). When I saw that WholyFit is designed to encourage flexibility and strength with a Christian worldview, I truly wanted to know more. So, I reached out to Wholyfit creator Laura Monica, and she made me aware of a new set of videos that she and her team were working on.

ART GBP devotional exercise

Laura Monica has been in the pro fitness scene for 30+ years, and she has a specific calling to train and certify fitness instructors for churches. ART and GBP are her two newest offerings, and here is a little more about each program, in her own words:

A.R.T. stands for Aerobic Resistance Training: body sculpting. Burn fat, not just calories! Each video is either simple or intense in choreography, depending on its order in the collection. Get sculpted with A.R.T. (Aerobic Resistance Training) body sculpting, low impact cardio training. A.R.T. will gently raise your heart rate and breathing till you get into your target training heart rate zone. Do not use weights at first. When you are ready to add them, use 1-5 pound hand-held weights for more intensity and sculpting. Start out with lightest weights.

G.B.P. stands for Gentle Body POWER. Every A.R.T. video is followed by a G.B.P. video. Do GBP after each ART workout for flexibility and stress management. G.B.P. is WholyFit’s original flexibility and core strength system. G.B.P. can also be practiced separately. Make sure you do your GBP video at the end of each of your cardio workouts to cool down and stretch. Each Gentle Body POWER video can be gentle or athletic, depending on its order in the collection. Find full length GBP videos on!


This new online streaming series consists of more than 20 videos to choose from. {This is wonderful: no chance to get bored with repetitive routines!} Each ART has a corresponding GBP so that you can cool down and stretch properly. In addition, each set increases in intensity so that you can experience a progression in effort and results. Oh yes, she also includes some bonus GBP workouts and outtakes too 🙂


After taking time to do the Level 1 workouts (entry-level, perfect for me to get the feel of things), here are some of my observations/thoughts about my experience with Wholy Fit ART and GBP.


  • I get warm right away  – the warmup is both gentle and effective. Laura warms up the big muscles to generate heat.
  • The setting for the video is very peaceful, and it is so helpful to be able to focus on the workout.
  • The doggie is comforting presence ( and just adorable) 🙂
  • The music is perfect, but it is not the center of the workouts. Rather than having the music drive the workout, the music flows with Laura giving instruction, and for us to be able to concentrate on our own movements.
  • The stretching move that she demonstrates are different than yoga moves, but just as effective.
  • Laura wears colorful and fun outfits, and they keep me energized!
  • Note: The workouts include lunges throughout, which is a bit hard on my knees. Therefore, I had to modify slightly.


  • I appreciate that you can do one segment alone for a quick workout, or you can link with other videos for a more full workout.
  • I love how she shouts out the music and the artist on each video and makes the music available on iTunes or FB.
  • In the moments when we are holding a stretch, there are great visual countdowns for holding, and the scripture is posted on the screen.
  • Again, there are 20+ videos and a progression of effort – so helpful.
  • Each workout opens in prayer: ??. And I love the guided scripture meditation! ❤️

Laura also offers a private FB group called “I am His ART” as a resource for questions and for support (nothing like having a squad of like-minded people to push you and to celebrate with!)

I am blessed that she and her team have worked so hard to put together this Christ-centered set of workouts. My body gets a great workout, and my spirit is lifted and encouraged – such a win 🙂 ART and GBP are offered in streaming format on  iOS, Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast. In this day and time, this type of access is perfect – you can work out at home, in any room, as well as when you are away. It encourages consistency, which will yield results..thank you Laura! 🙂

{On an additional note, Laura has been called to go to the Philippines on a mission. She and her team are going to use all proceeds from the videos to buy rice and medical supplies for their mission  – rice for the orphanage and medicine for the medical mission!}

Please take a moment to find out more about Wholyfit’s new ART and GBP programs at You will be energized body, soul, and spirit in your lifetime journey of fitness!

Be strengthened,

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