Navigating our emotional loads

Pace yourself and monitor yourself, folks. I just experienced having the emotional “starch” being taken out of me this morning, and it wasn’t anything big that did it. (Note: I am good, I just was reminded how we need to be mindful and aware of our emotional load.)

Sundays are usually a full day for me, as I pastor a church with my husband. It’s not just the time commitment that make it full, but the emotional involvement of caring for people that we love as well. When they rejoice and celebrate in their lives, we do too; and when they go through, we go through alongside them for support.

So, by choice, I usually power down on Mondays…I have to. I need time and space to reset and refill. I try to do only what I need to, and I leave the more intense stuff that I need to get accomplished for Tuesday through Friday.

Except for today.

I made the mistake of hitting the ground running this morning and getting a set of important errands run. I thought that I was good and that I could push myself.

Nope….a bit of a mistake.

I got home and realized that I was more spent than I thought. I sat quietly at my laptop and checked my email. I still thought I was good until my sweet, intuitive 21 year-old daughter asked me if I was okay. When I gave her a half-hearted “yeah”, she followed it up with, “Got a lot going on?” And that was all it took.

I broke down and just sobbed for a moment. She kindly offered her help (as she often does) in making me a salad for lunch, and I took her up on her offer. I then was able to get myself together. We proceeded to work in the kitchen as she assembled my salad for me.

And as I ate my lunch, I realized a couple of things that made me want to write it down and share:

  1. Emotions can be tricky. What I felt kind of snuck up on me, but also it didn’t. I should have realized that something was a little off kilter when my hubby called and I really didn’t want to be too bothered with talking to him at that moment. That should have been a small red flag for me because I really do enjoy talking with Art!
  2. We must be more aware of the emotional loads that we carry. I have navigated a lot in both my personal life and in the lives of those around me in the past month. And I have learned that those things will affect me in some way – I don’t need to be ignorant of that. I can be proactive in these times by considering ways to mitigate the effects on my emotional health. Building in times to refresh and recharge is not a luxury but a necessity.
  3. It is quite alright to back up for a moment and care for yourself, no guilt necessary. Yup, I decided that certain things are off the table for the rest of the day: deep conversations, any major decisions, etc. And that I’m going to give myself time to rest and laugh – for my wellbeing.

Have you been/are you there in that place of needing to be refilled? I would love to talk about it here in the comments below. It’s always helpful to know that we are in this together and that we might be able to help each other through 🙂

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  1. Avatar Connie Hawley says: Reply

    Yes…there now. Have been. Stuff just keeps happening. Anniversaries coming that bring emotions to certain places, old wounds unhealed festering, wanting to see SOMETHING good happen. And then too that Lil sweet GOD~kiss that not necessarily else would get…but I do. And even after I’d been less than….

    Thank you as always for sharing, caring, and giving us all insight, hope, and words to think on and learn with.


    1. Thanks for stopping in and sharing Connie! God loves you more than you know. Grateful He used this to speak into your life!

  2. Avatar Tiffany Carr says: Reply

    I really needed to read and take this in today Pastor Dee. Your experience today was to teach and guide someone else and I’m one of them. It was exactly what I needed considering some new and unknown experiences in my life and marriage right now. I won’t bore you with the details at this time because what is important is that these tips helped and I’m going to keep them in mind when things seem to overwhelming in my family and or work life. Thanks so much for the tips and I’m grateful that you decided to share. Tiffany Carr

    1. We have a Good Father, don’t we? I am grateful for you stoping by and taking the time to write this Tiffany. And I thank God that He used my experience to speak His life into yours!

  3. I know exactly how you feel. It seems as if my tears are always just below the surface. I have been trying hard to spend time reading the word daily. Please know that you are not alone.

    1. Avatar Denedriane says: Reply

      Thank you for sharing Debbie. May the Lord comfort and strengthen you, and guide you in the ways to rest and recharge and be renewed.

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