Well folks….I got it done.

By the grace of God, I have met (and exceeded) my goal of getting 26.2 miles in by March 31st. And it is a good feeling!  And I have to shout out my fitness challenge buddy, Margaret Salmond, who also succeeded in getting it done this week as well…proud of you, Marg!

Here are my ending totals for this month:

Wk 1 miles    7.1

Wk 2 miles   10.4

Wk 3 miles   15.3

TOTAL miles 32.8….WOOOHOOO!

2015-03-16 08.59.49

I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it, and I did. In addition, I feel stronger in my upper and lower body, and especially in my core. I actually now look forward to the time on the treadmill or outside, and I am burning some calories to boot. Oh yeah…I also dropped just about 4 pounds in this process 😉

That is such a bonus because I have had a hard time getting that train moving. MyFitnessPal has been so helpful in training me to know what my caloric intake really is, as well as how to eat better and spend my “calorie currency” more wisely.  My new Alvita wireless fitness tracker from Omron has kept me in the game by motivating me to track all my movement (review coming soon!) I also stepped up my dumbbell usage, and so the combination of cardio, resistance, and monitoring my intake has worked together to produce results. Finally!

This has been a great fitness challenge experience, and I am looking to keep the trend going. April is coming up quickly, and I am trying to decide what my focus will be. In the meantime, I will celebrate and enjoy reaching my goal!

Here’s to keeping the trend going,


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  1. Yay we did it! Now off to the next challenge.

  2. Yay we did it! Now off to the next challenge.

    1. Yes! I’m proud of both of us 😉

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