My Journey Begins! Part 1

My Ancestry journey begins today!

The kit has arrived…and I am a tad bit excited!

Here is the whole kit that arrived from
Here is the whole kit that arrived from

I purchased my kit on Christmas Eve, just in time to take advantage of the discount that had been offered. (Kelly Ripa convinced me that the time was now, lol)

I opened the box to see what all my excitement truly was about. The first thing I had to do was to activate my kit by logging on to my Ancestry account and entering the special number assigned to the kit. Next step: filing the tube with saliva.

My main concern was would I be able to generate enough spit to fill that tube….and without gagging?? (By the way, per the instructions, I can’t eat or drink or chew gum for at least 30 minutes prior to me filling the tube. Yikes.)

30 minutes later….

I was surprised at how little spit I needed to fill the tube…and I didn’t gag a bit! The next step was to secure the cap with the blue liquid in it on the top of the tube. As soon as it was tight enough, the blue serum was released into the tube. This mixture stabilized the DNA in the saliva until it could be analyzed. 

The blue liquid stabilizes all the DNA!
The blue liquid stabilizes all the DNA!
Photo credit: Dee Dean

The kit contains a small box to return it in. I simply put the kit into the special baggie with that activated number on it, and I slid it into the box. I secured the closure and took it to my local post office for shipment. 

And now the waiting game is on – 6-8 weeks for results. The cool thing is that you have the option to receive update texts to notify you of when they receive your sample, when it is in progress, and so on. 

I will keep you all updated!

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