Musings: Sadly, my love for the word “algorithm” is waning

There was a day when I was quite fond of the word “algorithm”.

For one, the spelling of it, like the word “rhythm”, made me smile. Two, it put me in mind of mathematics, a discipline that I do love (math major here)<3

And thirdly, I just love the way Arnim Zola says it in Capt America: The Winter Soldier ( for those of you who are Marvel fans like me and my fam). He says it with an accent as he is breaking his evil plan down to Cap and Black Widow in the bunker. I love his accent and I like to think that I say it JUST like he does! My family knows that I am going to say that line every time it gets to that scene, hahaha 🙂

So why do I now cringe when I hear the word?

Because social media has almost ruined it for me.


If I hear about FB updating their algorithm one more time, I just might scream. And Instagram and Twitter have recently announced upcoming changes as well. Those who use social media regularly are in a bit of a scramble to make sure that we stay ahead of what is coming.

Now, to quote a song from Hamilton, “place your bets as to who that benefits”. From what I have read and heard, these channels are not necessarily doing this to benefit us, the users. The bottom line seems to be to increase revenue. {That isn’t a surprise, but it is a bit disappointing.}

I just feel as though social  outlets such as FB and Twitter and IG are messing with what have been great platforms up to this point. Navigating them has become like corralling cats, chasing a moving target. Who wants to do that?

I joined Twitter back in 2012, and I loved the fact that I could connect with people in real time and catch up  on current happenings. And I enjoyed the parties! But what I enjoyed most was the ease of use and the fact that I could see what and who I wanted, in regular chronological order.  From what I’ve heard, that is about to change. Twitter is changing the new algorithm to give a more personalized experience. But wasn’t I having my own personalized experience already?

And Instagram is changing theirs so that it parallels FB a bit (no surprise there because IG is owned by FB). Who you see in your feed will be based on the interactions and likes the post gets, or something close to that. Personally, I just want to see cool pics and interesting things in peoples lives, encouraging graphics, and cool products people are using, just sayin’…. 🙂

Like I said, I’m pretty sure these changes aren’t solely for the benefit of the users/consumers. I want to holler, “Leave the algorithm alone!”

I still want to love that word, and I want to enjoy my social platforms too.

What do you think about these changes? I would love to hear your feedback!

Here’s to keeping what isn’t broken from getting fixed,


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