Miracles from Heaven: Q&A with Christy Beam {via Lovell- Fairchild}

Miracles from Heaven releases today in theaters across the US! I am looking forward to seeing this one, and if you are too, or if you want to know a little bit more about this film, please check out this interview 🙂


Christy Beam is not only the author of the book upon which the movie is based, but she is also the mother of Annabel, the subject of this touching and powerful film. The great folks of Lovell-Fairchild bring us this interview with Christy…enjoy!

Q&A with Christy Beam

It’s about faithfulness: God’s, a family’s, a marriage’s. Everywhere we turned we saw God in every person and every situation. MIRACLES is about the daily miracle of family, love, friendship, prayer, community support. . . . About 90 percent of the movie is just the stress of crisis and faithfulness in support. MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN also is a love story—make that many love stories. Our doctor. The nurses and assistants. Our pastor and church family. Other patients in the hospital. Our friends. Again and again we saw our relationships tested and grow stronger.

Does the movie “get” your story right?
It’s the strangest thing to watch actors you admire become you and your family on a screen the size of a Greyhound bus! Some characters are a composite, of course. Some events represent what happened rather than mimic it. But the spirit of our family story is right there. Also, where the movie didn’t follow the story exactly, the book can fill it in. The movie and the book complement each other really well.

What’s it like to watch Jennifer Garner play you?
You sit there thinking, she’s showing my life with so much passion, emotion—engulfing herself into it. I feel like that’s me. She was so good at portraying how I felt, so many times throughout the film. Personally, she was so warm and, from our very first meeting, honest and genuine.

What do you want audiences to get from this movie about your family?
We want people to leave with new glasses, with hope. No crisis, ever, is the final chapter. All situations, eventually, can bring good. I hope people see that difficulties also take the lid off of love and pour it out. I hope audiences see the significance of “ordinary” events and people, all day, every day.
One more thing. I want people to get that you can’t know your future, God’s plan for your life. So no matter how dark things get, you keep going. You put one foot in front of the other. God is showing you, throughout, that he is there and he has a plan for your life.

It’s for entire families or for anyone who belongs to one. My single girlfriends relate. My husband’s friends love it. Families leave with new appreciation for all they’ve got.
In the movie you question your faith . . .
In tough times it’s natural to question. God knows that. There’s a reason the Bible is so full of encouragement to fear not. We naturally fear. Honest people doubt, and God comes alongside us even in the doubt. I’m glad the movie shows that.

Anything you wish you’d known then that you do now?
In the darkest times, I wish someone had told me to look up and reflect on all the miracles around me. All the big things God does in small ways. I want to be the person to tell people to look up.

How have the crisis, the book and the movie changed life for your family?
We can give hope to so many people now. We’ve gotten to encourage so many people when they were at bottom. I never thought of myself as an encourager, but MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN has given me the opportunity to be one.
How can interested people learn more?
MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN releases nationwide on Wednesday, March 16 — go see it! You can follow the film on Facebook at Facebook.com/MiraclesHeaven. And can follow me at ChristyBeam.com

I so appreciate this interview, and it makes me even more eager to see this movie soon 🙂 I hope that you get to enjoy MIRACLES FROM HEAVEN as well!


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