Mindful moment: God wants you close to Him

I love, love, LOVE the fact that God wants us…wants me…close to Him.

I love that He is bigger than anything I face, anything that has been done to me, and yet He is closer to me than my next breath.

I am amazed that every day, He calls to you and to me to stay close to Him, and to get closer.

It brings me to tears that His love is so powerful and so very consistent, no matter what I do or don’t do.

The joy of my life is always knowing that The Lord wants to talk with me and share His heart. He longs to do that with every person that He has ever created and will create. The whole reason He sent Jesus to us and for us is so that relationship with Him could be restored. He doesn’t push us away. Ever.

Don’t believe the lie of the enemy that you have to perform right for God to love you. He loves you right where you are, and He wants to make your life better…He is the Only one who can.

He calls to you to walk close with Him, step by step….will you yield to His voice? You will never regret it.

Here’s to walking in His footsteps,






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